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PortfolioConstruction Forum is Australia and New Zealand's leading specialist, independent, provider of investment continuing education and certification for portfolio construction practitioners, enabling better quality portfolio construction knowledge and skills.

If you design, build and manage multi-asset, multi-manager portfolios (or support those who do), PortfolioConstruction Forum is for you.

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Graham Rich, Publisher

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Who is it suited to?

PortfolioConstruction Forum is relevant to all wealth management professionals but in particular portfolio construction practitioners - by that, we mean those who design, build and/or manage multi-asset, multi-manager portfolios (or who must understand how others do so).

Why is it different?

PortfolioConstruction Forum is grounded in the conviction that quality portfolio construction is key to increasing investors' financial wellbeing. Better quality portfolio construction knowledge and skills result in better quality decisions - and, therefore, better quality investor portfolios and financial wellbeing.

Managed via our live and online multi-media learning platform, PortfolioConstruction Forum:

  • is focused on five knowledge domains – philosophy, markets, strategies, investing and finology - which together determine our curriculum;

  • features a selected, authoritative faculty of subject matter experts who contribute presentations, papers and subscription packages;

  • presented via live and online continuing education and certification programs, designed to facilitate learning and member engagement.

Our core beliefs



Our core faculty

Since inception in 2002, PortfolioConstruction Forum has been published by brillient!, the leading independent boutique investment publishing house in Australia and New Zealand (www.brillient.com.au). The principals - Graham Rich, Publisher and Deirdre Keown, Managing Editor - have collectively over forty years of relevant and successful experience in publishing investment information services and in effectively communicating complex content.

PortfolioConstruction Forum's professional development programs feature a range of carefully selected Content Partners, including a core faculty of leading investment professionals:

Graham Rich, Publisher, PortfolioConstruction Forum

Graham is a pioneer of retail managed funds research in Australasia, and of financial planning in New Zealand. He started his financial services career in New Zealand in 1975 and in 1983 began his own business delivering funds research and financial advice professional development services. Since selling his research business to Morningstar and establishing brillient! in 2002, Graham has specialised in publishing innovative, independent professional development services for professionals involved with portfolio construction.

More about Graham

Tim Farrelly, Principal, farrelly's

Tim brings a unique combination of analytics, understanding of financial markets, knowledge of capital market history and insight into the practical issues around building quality investor portfolios, and asset allocation in particular.

He established farrelly's in 2004 as the first independent, specialist asset allocation research service for investment advisory firms in Australia and NZ. Prior to founding farrelly's, Tim was an Executive Director of Macquarie Bank Ltd, and Director of Macquarie Investment Management Ltd (MIML). At various times during his 14 years at Macquarie he sat on the MIML Asset Allocation and Risk Committees. He has an MBA (Distinction) from Harvard Business School and a B. Eng(Met).

More about Tim

Michael Kitces, Partner, Pinnacle Advisory Group

Michael has the rare gift of making complex investment and financial planning topics a lot easier for the rest of us to understand. He is Director of Research at Pinnacle Advisory Group, a US-based private wealth management firm that works with over 700 families and manages close to US$1 billion in assets for clients in the US and around the world.

In 2010, Financial Planning magazine labeled him the industry’s “Deep Thinker,” and Investment Advisor magazine recently named him in their top 25 most influential people for advisers. One of the most qualified people you will ever meet (he holds the CFP, CLU and ChFC designations, has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Masters of Science in Financial Services, and a Master's in Taxation to name just a few of his qualifications), Michael presents and writes extensively on a broad range of advanced financial planning topics. His very popular blog, the "Nerd's Eye View" is a rich insight into his analysis and commentary on issues in financial planning.

More about Michael

Jonathan Pain, Editor, The Pain Report

Jonathan brings to life the history, current and future outlook for the global economy. He has 28 years of international investment experience having led teams in London, Bahrain and Australia. Now an independent investment strategist, Jonathan is the author and publisher of The Pain Report, a widely-read investment newsletter providing an independent and global perspective of the financial markets and the world economy

Since 2002, Jonathan has been a regular keynote presenter at PortfolioConstruction Forum's programs, where he has debuted many new investment theses, well ahead of them becoming accepted in the mainstream. In early 2004, he highlighted the awakening Asian giant and impact of the emerging Asian middle classes. In 2005, he warned that the US housing market had reached unsustainable levels of debt. In 2009, he introduced us to a New Reality and that the world was divided between those nations that were submerging and those that were emerging. In 2010, he suggested we needed an IMF (Intergalactic Monetary Fund) to bail out Greece and, in 2011, he analysed the Arab Spring and predicted that authoritarian regimes across the region would dig in and engage in what they do best: repression.

More about Jonathan

Prof Jack Gray, Adjunct Professor of Economics, UTS Business School

Jack is renowned as an entrepreneurial academic and inspirational teacher, with a rare ability to clearly communicate complex abstract ideas in a vigorous, engaging way. After a 20-year academic career, in pure mathematics, mathematical physics, and the history of science and mathematics education, Jack moved from academia to funds management. He was held positions as Executive Director at AMP Asset Management, CIO at SunSuper, one of Australia's largest superannuation funds, and was co-head of of asset allocation at GMO Boston, a privately held global investment firm.

Jack has published widely in both academic and practitioner journals, and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Markets Dysfunctionality at the University of Technology, Sydney and Director and Special Advisor of Brookvine, a specialist adviser on alternative assets.

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