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Helping CIMA certificants meet their recertification CE obligation


CIMA Central is a resource exclusively for Certified Investment Management Analyst® certificants in Australia and New Zealand. It is part of Portfolio Construction Forum's commitment as IMCA australia’s strategic partner in the management and delivery of CIMA certification and member continuing education services.

CIMA Central helps you meet one of your three recertification requirements - completing and reporting a minimum of 40 hours of CE credit including two ethics hours over your two-year recertification period. 

CIMA certificant recertification obligations
Earn CIMA CE hours online
Earn CIMA CE hours at live events & programs

CIMA certificant recertification obligations

You must renew your CIMA certification every two years following initial certification by:

  • completing and reporting a minimum of 40 hours of accepted continuing education (CE) credit, including two ethics hours, over the two-year recertification period;

  • paying the Certification Renewal Fee to the Investments & Wealth Institute - for IMCA Australia members this is US$275 and it is prepaid on your behalf as part of your IMCA Australia membership fee (i.e. as long as you keep your IMCA Au membership current, you won't have to pay any further fee on recertfying). If you are not a IMCA Au member, you will have to pay a US$895 recertification fee.

  • completing a compliance requirement - including indicating continued adherence to the Code of Professional Responsibility, and Rules and Guidelines for Use of the Marks as well as disclosing any regulatory actions or complaints.

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Earn CIMA CE hours online

The Forum CIMA CE Library allows you to earn CIMA CE hours - at no cost and at any time 24/7 - to help meet your obligation as a CIMA certificant (as well as the CE/CPD requirements of 15 other regulators, associations, institutes and designations, including ASIC RG104/105/146 CE requirements).

Within one to three business days of you completing a CIMA CE Quiz successfully, your CE accreditation will be logged and tracked for you on your Forum MyCE record. The Forum then reports the CIMA CE hours to the Investments & Wealth Institute on your behalf so they appear in your MyIMCA record within a further two to three US business days.

Go to the Forum CIMA CE Library

The Investments & Wealth Institute also offers a range of continuing education broadcasts, each approved for CIMA CE credit.

Go to the Institute's CE library

Earn CIMA CE hours at live events & programs

Earn CIMA CE hours at accredited live programs/events

The Forum assesses and accredits many live programs and events for CIMA CE hours, on behalf of the Investments & Wealth Institute.

- Portfolio Construction Forum
   - Markets Summit (13 Feb 2018)
   - Finology Summit (14 Feb 2018)
   - Strategies Conference (22-23 Aug 2018)
   - Research Roundtable (Apr, Jul, Oct, Nov)

- Investment Management Research Program
   - IMR Program Workshop (12 Apr 2018)
   - IMR Program Conference (20/21 Sep 2018)

- IMCA Australia events
IMCA Australia hosts six lunchtime seminars per year, and an annual half-day Conference, all of which are assessed and accredited by the Forum for CIMA CE hours.

- Conexus Financial events
Conexus Financial runs many events throughout the year most of which are assessed and accredited by the Forum for CIMA CE hours.

If you attend one of the above, you’ll be sent an attendance attestation link by the organisers afterwards, to allows you to confirm your attendance at the event sessions to the Forum. Once you do that, your CE accreditation will appear in your Forum MyCE record within 2-3 business days and we will organise for the CIMA CE hours to appear in your MyIMCA record within 7-10 business days.

Earning CIMA CE by attending other live events

If you attend an event that the Forum doesn’t assess/accredit, you can self-report your attendance. You need to complete a CE Submittal Form and send it to the Institute for review.

Before doing so, check that content and format meet the CE requirements (as outlined on the CE Submittal Form).

Self reported CE hours will appear in your MyIMCA record (but not your Forum MyCE record).