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Quality is a critical factor in constructing portfolios. The use of a modified Piotroski indicator as an indicator or screen for equities can significantly add to investment performance in NZ and Australia.

Returns in defensive equity yield and income sectors have been outsized as bond yields have fallen. Growth sectors have underperformed. But globally, technology shares are cheap on a relative basis.

Globally, technology shares are cheap on a relative basis. Tech investing has significant challenges but it remains the fastest growth segment and appears to have attractive valuations.

Significant demographic change is happening. To prepare the retirement readiness, the financial services industry needs to provide better advice and products.

Growth indicators improved in June, despite equity markets being rattled. In the absence of an inflationary shock, we think equity markets will trend higher.

A changing Equity Risk Premium has implications beyond considering allocations to equities and bonds. This presentation and paper consider the factors that might drive a change in the Equity Risk Premium and ask - If elevated ERPs fall, which sectors and stocks might benefit the most? What implications might that have for investing?