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This week in Forum Fodder: Susan Lund – a corporate debt bubble?; Aaron Minney - most investors need to eat capital; Michael Furey - Investment faux pas; Tom Switzer - Don’t write off America; Douglas Isles - Beware the trifecta of desire

This week in Forum Fodder: Robert Shiller – allure of new money; David Knox - longevity products; Herman Brodie - caring practitioners; Sonja Laud - cash the alternative asset class; Brett Gillespie - markets creak as yields creep higher.

This week in Forum Fodder: Robert Shiller – allure of new money; David Knox - longevity products; Herman Brodie - caring practitioners; Sonja Laud - cash the alternative asset class; Brett Gillespie - markets creak as yields creep high

This week in Forum Fodder: Michael Kitces - Robo-advisors not the future; Nick Griffin - Do stocks outperform T Bills?; Ron Bird - Momentum investing; Aaron Minney - Advice in retirement; Ken Rogoff - Trump's normal Fed.

This week in Forum Fodder: Dr Brock - impact of a trade war; Kaletsky - realism trumping populism?; Payden & Rygel - Phillips (man, myth, Curve); Furey - asset allocation to risk allocation; Stewart - place of bonds in a low yld world

This week in Forum Fodder: Tim Farrelly - Markets not pricing rates to revert; Bob Gay - Policy blunders; David Knox - Misunderstanding life expectancies; Brett Gillespie - Ignore the noise; Alex Duffy - Risk mismatch the big mistake.

This week in Forum Fodder: El-Erian - global trade wars; Rebecca Sherlock – ESG and infrastructure; Bianca Ogden - disruptive tech in healthcare; Aaron Minney - retirement spending; Prof Ron Bird - performance, fees, active managers

This week in Forum Fodder: Robert Shiller - GPD-linked bonds; Chris Watling - new economic paradigm; Joanne Earl - effects of downsizing; David Knox – does 10/30/60 still apply; Ed Rosenfeld - upbeat outlook for small caps

This week in Fodder: Prof Terry Odean on behavioural biases and investment risk; Prof Ken Rogoff on AI and productivity growth; Michael Furey on diversification; Nick Griffin on why now is the time to invest in growth stocks; and, Brett Gillespie on sharper interest rate rises ahead.

This week in Fodder: Roubini rubbishes blockchain; Catherine Wood on the profound value of blockchain; Ron Temple on US growth and current valuations; Tim Farrelly on the bondcano narrative; and Michael Kitces on why the finologist of the future is a cyborg.

In Fodder this week - El_Erian on the next economic paradigm; Velasco on “rational irrational exuberance”; Bird on impact of passive investing on markets; Brodie on trust & what matters to investors; and Farrelly – we can all do better communicating with investors.

This week in Fodder: Chris Watling - economics is broken; Dr Dambisa Moyo - the inevitable reckoning; Dr Bob Gay - the great QE carry trade; Michael Kitces - finology and the future of financial planning; Patrik Schowitz - impact of technology on economic growth

This week in Fodder: Farrelly's forecasts for 2018; Rogoff on markets and politics; Bird on fund manager performance; Minney on income layering; and, the place for impact investing in portfolios

In Fodder: Woody Brock - a warning about bitcoin; Mohammed El-Erian - investors wish list for 2018; Nouriel Roubini - Trump a plutocrat in populist clothes; Prof Ron Bird - 3 new behavioural finance papers; Jonathan Howie - What makes a quality ETF

This week's Fodder: Bob Gay - economic tools not keeping pace; Stiglitz - market economies can temper excesses of capitalism, globalisation; Will Jackson - portfolio rebalancing; Aaron Minney – retiree spending; Samantha Lamb - case for global credit

In Fodder: Farrelly - the government's taxing ad; Kaletsky - equity markets more likely to rise; Rajan - welcome back long-term investing; Toohey - significantly faster wage growth ahead; Buenneke - shrinking global public equity market

In Fodder this week: the first of a series of online "Philosophy Lectures". Linda Jakobson explains why China's ambitions to dominate the region will be thwarted. Jim O'Neill discusses oil prices. Charles Sampford, Jack Gray and Clare Payne weigh in on values and investing, and Charles Hamieh debunks the myths around the risk of investing in EM infrastructure.

In Fodder this week: Why sovereign debt crises are now rarer than history would suggest; Dr Woody Brock clears up confusion around the Phillips Curve; behavioural biases creating opportunities to generate alpha; sustainability factors and investment outcomes; and a review of two academic papers on our personal values and professional ethics.

In this week's Forum Fodder: Hausmann on another quiet economics revolution; Kitces on the optimal “shape” of retirement planning; Bird on new research on constructing long-term portfolios; a backgrounder on impact investing; and managing carbon exposure in equity portfolios

Fodder kicks off with Tim Farrelly taking aim at the assertion that Australian banks have a huge vulnerability to a downturn in the residential property market. Yale's Stephen Roach then serves central banks a bouquet (for getting on with normalisation) and brickbat (for the time they're planning to take). Ellerston Capital's Brett Gillespie explains how not to lose money while QE winds down. Michael Furey asks whether you know the impacts of the risk characteristics of your multi-manager portfolios, and explains how to guard against overdiversification. And finally, we feature the top 10-rated Strategies Conference presentation by Fidelity International's Kate Howitt on the six characteristics of world class companies.