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This is Part Two of our annual three-part Strategies Conference Investment Committee hypothetical.

The Investment Committee (our Strategies Conference delegates) has appointed an independent consulting firm to provide a robust and transparently determined and documented global economic outlook for the next three years, using a scenarios-based economic modelling philosophy. In this session, the economists summarise and debate three plausible, forward-looking economic and market scenarios that have a reasonable probability of occurring during the next three years.

Then, the economists and a diverse panel of asset class experts debate the implications of the three economic scenarios for medium-term (three-year) asset class returns.

Following the panel discussion, the Investment Committee members (Strategies Conference delegates) vote on the likelihood of each of the three scenarios, to determine which is most likely, next most likely and least likely. The outcome is then an input to into the Asset Allocation Roundtable 2023, Part Three of our Investment Committee hypothetical.