Each year, PortfolioConstruction Conference features a core, 13-hour independent plenary program. It is interspersed twice daily with six concurrent Due Diligence Forum sessions, delivering research papers developed for Conference by our carefully selected Partners...

Due Diligence Forum speaker

Warryn Robertson
Portfolio Manager
Lazard Asset Management

Due Diligence Forum summary

In recent years, there has been an international trend towards increased private sector ownership and management of infrastructure. Governments have been motivated by budgetary constraints and investors have been attracted to these assets by the investment characteristics that they appear to offer – long-life assets with low risk of capital loss and inflation-linked returns. These characteristics can provide a match for long-term liabilities.

Traditionally, Australians have invested in domestic infrastructure, generally in unlisted vehicles. However, as markets have developed, there are increasing opportunities for global investment in infrastructure, via the listed markets. This session explores the opportunities for investors in global infrastructure in today's market...


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