1. The race of our lives revisited (in a nutshell)

    Climate change has moved faster than most thought possible. There will be exciting investment opportunities in companies focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    Jeremy Grantham | 16-05-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  2. Research Review: About active and passive

    A recent paper looks at the impact of passive investing on market stability; a second describes shades of alpha for active and index investing. A third reviews luck and portfolio rebalancing outcomes.

    Ron Bird | 15-05-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  3. Residential property prices are falling - what's next?

    The long boom in Australian residential property prices seems to have finally ended. Further falls to come will cause the Australian economy to slow but will not cause a recession.

    Tim Farrelly | 07-05-19 | 0.25 CE | More
  4. Leave the renminbi out of US-China trade talks

    If a final US-China trade deal prevents China from gaining greater monetary-policy autonomy, it could create major problems when the next big Asian recession hits.

    Kenneth Rogoff | 06-05-19 | More
  5. Goldilocks growth

    With Wall Street hitting all-time highs and the US economy certain to set a record in June, the question is whether this is a resumption of the bull market or only a temporary bounce.

    Anatole Kaletsky | 02-05-19 | More
  6. Markets Summit 2019 key takeouts

    These are my key takeouts from Markets Summit 2019's Faculty of investment thinkers from around the world offering their high conviction ideas on the drivers of and outlook for the markets.

    Robert Huebscher | 30-04-19 | More
  7. China is not in crisis, it's reforming

    China is frequently presented as a source of crisis or instability for the global economy. However, the picture is one of imperfection, not peril.

    Julian McCormack | 29-04-19 | More
  8. No middle-income trap for China

    Yes, the days of 10% Chinese growth are over. That was inevitable. But there are five key reasons to dismiss the now-widespread diagnosis that China is ensnared in the middle-income trap.

    Stephen Roach | 10-04-19 | More
  9. Research Review: What we need to know about fund managers

    Most of us use funds in clients' portfolios. Three new research papers look at what differentiates fund managers, highlighting factors we probably never considered important.

    Ron Bird | 08-04-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  10. Climate change-related regulation

    Compared to physical risks, investors have a much greater ability to incorporate carbon and related pollution regulations into investment decisions.

    Colonial First State Global Asset Management | 25-03-19 | More
  11. Understanding the Fed's dovish turn

    The US Federal Reserve surprised markets recently with a large and unexpected policy change. The new normal will be a US policy rate close to or just below 3%.

    Nouriel Roubini | 19-03-19 | More
  12. 2019 Markets Summit - my key take outs

    My key takeout was that perhaps markets entered an inflection point through 2018 and, accordingly (if they haven't already), investors need to think about how they position portfolios.

    Stephen Miller | 13-03-19 | More
  13. Imputation refunds have to go?

    The idea that imputation refunds are an unfair, expensive rort is gaining acceptance in the community. The Labor proposal is not fair, nor much of a revenue earner. It's not even nuts. It is just wrong.

    Tim Farrelly | 12-03-19 | 19 comments | More
  14. Modern Monetary Nonsense

    The arguments of supporters of Modern Monetary Theory have a grain of truth, but also rest on some fundamental misconceptions and have unpredictable, potentially serious consequences.

    Kenneth Rogoff | 11-03-19 | More
  15. Physical impacts of climate change

    Climate change is affecting countries, companies, assets and communities in a variety of ways. Good stewardship of client assets requires investors to consider these issues.

    Colonial First State Global Asset Management | 05-03-19 | More
  16. A mixed economic bag in 2019

    There may be enough positive factors to make this a relatively decent - albeit mediocre - year for the global economy. But a global growth-stall and sharp market downturn could come in 2020.

    Nouriel Roubini | 01-03-19 | 1 comment | More
  17. Research Review: The cost of misbehaviour and passive investing

    Two recent papers provide timely insights on the market impact of behaviour that is detrimental to corporate reputation, and the impact of ever-growing passive investing on behaviour within organisations.

    Ron Bird | 27-02-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  18. Shareholders? Who needs them?

    The former head of the Australian Stock Exchange recommends that dividend imputation should be abolished?

    Tim Farrelly | 06-02-19 | 2 comments | More
  19. Whither the Chinese consumer?

    For most of the past decade, the growing spending power of China’s expanding middle class has fueled the global economy. Not so anymore.

    Jim O'Neill | 04-02-19 | More
  20. Managing currency exposures

    Australian investors have a different perspective on foreign currency to investors elsewhere in the world, and this should be reflected in how local portfolios are built.

    State Street Global Advisors | 01-02-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  21. Risks to the global economy in 2019

    Over the course of this year and next, the biggest economic risks will emerge in those areas where investors think recent patterns are unlikely to change.

    Kenneth Rogoff | 15-01-19 | More
  22. The volatility of profit margins

    Cyclical volatility in earnings has increased dramatically since the 1980s. The recent Apple profit warning is an excellent case in point.

    Robert Gay | 14-01-19 | More