Has a no-deal Brexit become more likely?

If you believe the UK is turning into populist Zimbabwe or Venezuela, you should expect a no-deal Brexit. Otherwise, forget about it.

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Corporate debt the next bubble to pop?

Investment grade debt has become much riskier, default rates will rise when interest rates begin the inevitable normalisation, and credit spreads are too low – it’s a bubble waiting to burst. Actually, no.

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Segment retirement expenses to create retirement buckets

Retirement bucket strategies tie specific expenses to specific portfolios. But looking at categories of spending doesn't necessarily work. A better approach is to segment spending within each category.

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Beliefs, biases and behaviours drive retirement solutions

A myriad of factors - psychological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural - impact a client’s financial independence during decumulation, demanding different investment solutions.

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The New Neutral is a long-term global reality

Recent central bank decisions have strengthened the conviction that the New Neutral is a global reality which will have long-term implications on investment decisions.

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How inflation could return

The inflation outlook is subject to far wider possibilities than policymakers have considered. Too little focus on structural factors could pose serious risks to economic wellbeing and financial stability.

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Rethinking inflation targets

The Federal Reserve is contemplating changing its framework for targeting inflation. It should conclude that the FOMC needs more patience with the current neutral stance rather than a new target.

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Fund brands and trust

A new study shows that retirement savers demonstrate a strong preference for trusted managed fund brands over unbranded funds - but unbranded funds are strongly favoured over poorly trusted fund brands.

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Applying behavioural finance in practice - part 2

Helping clients is about more than just educating them as to the right decision, it's also about helping them to actually take action.

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The corporate bond outlook is more risk for less return

Easy money in credit markets is gone, and corporate bonds face more risk for less return. Structural liquidity deterioration raises a black swan risk of a disorderly sell-off spilling into other markets.

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Is the dollar really doomed?

Five misplaced concerns about the future of the dollar make forecasts of a long-run collapse in the dollar problematic.

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A carbon dividend is better than a carbon tax

A carbon tax - while immensely popular among economists - imposes the same cost on the rich and poor. A carbon dividend would be a smart step that wouldn’t invite a yellow vest reaction.

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Alternative investments - what, how and why?

The definition of the "alternative investment" asset class is one of the most debated and important. What is your philosophy?

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Applying language research to real life conversations

Practitioners need to know what words to use and lose - and be able to apply that knowledge - to improve their conversations with clients about fees, regulations and investment strategies.

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Europe will trigger the next global volatility event

Slowing growth with extreme recession risk, coupled with a combative populist government, may well see Italy trigger a crisis in European debt and the currency, causing a substantial global volatility event.

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