Cryptocurrencies are a new epoch in monetary history

The Chinese authorities recognise the potential of blockchain technology and are outpacing the US, in the race to develop an "official" cryptocurrency. If the Chinese experiment succeeds, we may witness the start of a new epoch in monetary policy.

Niall Ferguson0.50 CE More

Comments on financial market turbulence

Was the recent market volatility predictable? Was the volatility exogenous or endogenous in nature? What lies ahead as regards inflation and interest rates?

Woody Brock More

Brace yourself for a global inflation shock

A combination of factors is set to generate an unexpected inflationary shock to the financial markets, leading to significantly higher bond yields and a recalibration of relative valuations.

Jonathan Pain0.25 CE More

Threat of a wages blow-out is real

With unemployment at 30-year lows in many countries, practitioners should consider the possibility that wage pressures may force policymakers to tighten more aggressively, triggering substantial equity market falls.

Brett Gillespie More

Backgrounder: Finology

Finology knowledge and skills will substantially enhances practitioners' ability to communicate with clients, and to manage portfolios more effectively. This Backgrounder seeks to foster greater understanding and interest in the field of Finology.

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Things break

Every generation or so, things (in the economics world) break. We're probably at or close to one of those once-in-a-generation moments. Watching monetary indicators is key.

Chris Watling More

Is the stock market loaded for bear?

We are moving ever closer to the date when payment for today's recovery will fall due. Recent capital market gyrations suggest that awareness of the inevitable reckoning is already beginning to dawn.

Dambisa Moyo More

Finology and finding the higher purpose

While economics studies how humans allocate scarce resources, and psychology studies the human mind and behavior, there is a gap at the intersection between the two – an emerging new body of knowledge dubbed, "Finology".

Michael Kitces More

Unwinding the great QE carry trade

Let's be absolutely clear - the recent plunge in equity markets has almost nothing to do with inflation or a changing of the guard at the Fed.

Robert Gay More

The impact of technology on economic growth

There are five areas where the early effects of technological change on the world economy are believed to be investible today.

JP Morgan Asset Management More

10 "fearless" predictions for 2018

It is the time of the year when those in the forecasting business like to lay out our expectations for the coming year. Here are mine...

Tim Farrelly More

Giddy markets and grim politics

Headlines seeming to portend political instability and chaos have not prevented stock markets from soaring. What gives?

Kenneth Rogoff More

Income layering: What? Why? When? & How?

Income layering is a goals-based approach to building an investment portfolio that is likely to be beneficial to a wide range of retirees - especially those worried about how to sustain spending in the later stages of retirement.

Aaron Minney More

Research Review: More insights into fund managers

The holy grail is to find active managers who can add value. The combined insights of these two papers suggest avoiding large managed funds, especially those under the control of managers who run a concurrent SMA.

Ron Bird1.00 CE More

There’s a place for Impact Investing strategies in portfolios

The impact investing market will be worth US$1 trillion in coming decades. It is important for practitioners to realise the impact that their client's capital can have on society.

Richard Brandweiner, Giles Gunesekera & Tim Macready0.50 CE More

Forum Fodder 16 Feb 2018

This week in Fodder: Chris Watling - economics is broken; Dr Dambisa Moyo - the inevitable reckoning; Dr Bob Gay - the great QE carry trade; Michael Kitces - finology and the future of financial planning; Patrik Schowitz - impact of technology on economic growth

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