Applying language research to real life conversations

Practitioners need to know what words to use and lose - and be able to apply that knowledge - to improve their conversations with clients about fees, regulations and investment strategies.

Gary DeMoss1.50 CE More

Europe will trigger the next global volatility event

Slowing growth with extreme recession risk, coupled with a combative populist government, may well see Italy trigger a crisis in European debt and the currency, causing a substantial global volatility event.

Vimal Gor0.25 CE More

The race of our lives revisited (in a nutshell)

Climate change has moved faster than most thought possible. There will be exciting investment opportunities in companies focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Jeremy Grantham1.00 CE More

There will be no global recession in 2019 or 2020

Investors are so focused on predicting the end of this economic cycle they have missed the fact that it simply won't. A recession will be avoided and the cycle will extend.

Bob Michele0.25 CE More

Behavioural finance competence is a must to Know Your Product

We must fully understand a fund’s performance to achieve best practice portfolio construction and recommend client solutions that truly reflect their investment beliefs and avoid unwanted biases.

Michael Furey0.50 CE More

We are all active investors now

Rather than worrying about whether portfolios are actively or passively managed, investors should focus on strategic asset allocation. The tired active-passive investment debate has run its course.

Larry Hatheway More

Research Review: About active and passive

A recent paper looks at the impact of passive investing on market stability; a second describes shades of alpha for active and index investing. A third reviews luck and portfolio rebalancing outcomes.

Ron Bird1.00 CE More

Personality can reveal what clients want and how they want it

The Big Five personality traits offer insights into the behavioural headwinds (or tailwinds) clients might encounter in achieving their financial goals, and the most effective way of dispensing advice to them.

Herman Brodie1.00 CE More

Family matters - clients' family business is your business

Individuals live as part of a broader system of interconnected networks and relationships. There are advantages - for you and for them - in thinking about the client as part of a family dynamic.

Joanne Earl1.00 CE More

Residential property prices are falling - what's next?

The long boom in Australian residential property prices seems to have finally ended. Further falls to come will cause the Australian economy to slow but will not cause a recession.

Tim Farrelly0.25 CE More

Uncertainty requires more dynamism in delivering outcomes

Few clients have the 20-year horizon required for today’s strategically-oriented models to become consistent with suggested outcomes, such as CPI+4%. This builds in a structural mismatch.

Michael Kelly0.25 CE More

Leave the renminbi out of US-China trade talks

If a final US-China trade deal prevents China from gaining greater monetary-policy autonomy, it could create major problems when the next big Asian recession hits.

Kenneth Rogoff More

Goldilocks growth

With Wall Street hitting all-time highs and the US economy certain to set a record in June, the question is whether this is a resumption of the bull market or only a temporary bounce.

Anatole Kaletsky More

Markets Summit 2019 key takeouts

These are my key takeouts from Markets Summit 2019's Faculty of investment thinkers from around the world offering their high conviction ideas on the drivers of and outlook for the markets.

Robert Huebscher More

China is not in crisis, it's reforming

China is frequently presented as a source of crisis or instability for the global economy. However, the picture is one of imperfection, not peril.

Julian McCormack More

Applying behavioural finance in practice - part 1

Helping clients is about more than just educating them as to the right decision, it's also about helping them to actually take action.

Michael Kitces0.75 CE More

Portfolio design must evolve for the industry to survive

It is time to align client portfolios with risks they face - requiring a deep understanding and evidence-based approach to uncovering and forecasting client goals.

Wade Matterson0.50 CE More

No middle-income trap for China

Yes, the days of 10% Chinese growth are over. That was inevitable. But there are five key reasons to dismiss the now-widespread diagnosis that China is ensnared in the middle-income trap.

Stephen Roach More

Forum Fodder 17 May 2019

What's new with our continuing education, accreditation and certification programs.

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