Bitcoin: we warned you

The investment (as opposed to transaction) appeal of Bitcoins has grown and will grow. But we believe that Bitcoin will be very undesirable as an asset due to a very high degree of price volatility.

Woody Brock More

Populist plutocracy and the future of America

You know it's time to worry when the conservative Republican chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations warns openly that Trump could start World War III.

Nouriel Roubini More

Research Review: More on Behavioural Issues

Three recent research papers continue to grow our understanding of how behavioural traits impact on markets. The first provides insights into Warren Buffett's success; the other two examine the markets' response to earnings information.

Ron Bird1.00 CE More

Financial investors' wish list for 2018

However tempting it may be to focus our wishes on our own immediate desires, it is imperative this year that investors' wish lists take into account the big economic and policy picture.

Mohamed El-Erian More

Not all ETFs are created equal

With over 160 ETFs trading on the ASX, selecting the right ETF has become far more challenging. A simple yet effective due diligence framework is needed to assess suitability.

Jonathan Howie0.50 CE More

Regime Change: Inflation

The world has changed dramatically over the past three decades, but the analytical tools underpinning monetary policy haven't. The challenge is to develop new tools to fit the new world order.

Robert Gay More

The globalisation of our discontent

As some countries have shown, a market economy can take forms that temper the excesses of capitalism and globalisation, and deliver more sustainable growth and higher standards of living for most citizens.

Joseph Stiglitz More

Backgrounder: Portfolio rebalancing strategies

Researchers propose a range of improvements to traditional time-based rebalancing, including threshold and cash flow strategies, designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Will Jackson 1 commentMore

Global credit deserves a greater piece of the investment pie

Introducing an active global credit investment into portfolios adds to an investor's opportunity set, and can offer alpha opportunities.

Samantha Lamb0.25 CE More

Maybe retirees should spend the kids' 'inheritance'

Plenty of anecdotes suggest that baby boomers are spending their savings and will leave nothing for the next generation. Looking at the actual data, this is questionable.

Aaron Minney More

Lies, damned lies and company taxes

"If it is earned here, it should be taxed here" is the title of the ad about laws on multinationals transferring profits offshore. What is interesting is the closing claim in the ad.

Tim Farrelly More

The shrinking of the public equity market matters

The number of publicly listed companies in the US has roughly halved since 1996, a phenomenon which spans other regions. The trend is likely to persist, and it has significant implications for investors.

Brian J. Buenneke & Alex Wilmerding0.25 CE More

Back to long-term investing in the age of geopolitical risk

In the last decade, investor interest in long-horizon outcomes was rare and when it prevailed, it was severely tested by events. The long-term was viewed as opaque and uncertain. It's amazing how attitudes change when new opportunities emerge.

Amin Rajan More

Today's Rational Exuberance

It is tempting to ask whether markets have entered a period of "irrational exuberance" and are heading for a fall. The answer is probably no.

Anatole Kaletsky More

A generational transition for bond markets

The return of wage growth across the industralised world has significant implications for markets and central bank policy - and spells the end of the 30-year rally in bonds.

Tim Toohey More

Forum Fodder 08 Dec 2017

This week's Fodder: Bob Gay - economic tools not keeping pace; Stiglitz - market economies can temper excesses of capitalism, globalisation; Will Jackson - portfolio rebalancing; Aaron Minney – retiree spending; Samantha Lamb - case for global credit

Graham Rich, Publisher, PortfolioConstruction Forum More

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