Phillips Curve confusion

During the past three months, a salient topic of debate has been whether the so-called Phillips Curve is relevant in today's disinflationary environment. The debate is important to investors.

Woody Brock More

Research Review: Personal values and professionalism

What influence do personal values have on our behaviour, as individuals? And how do those values interact with professional standards and ethics?

Will Jackson1.50 CE More

The Cocaine Brain and other biases

Human beings are subject to behavioural biases, which negatively affect their ability to make rational choices. These behavioural biases create market inefficiencies that active investment managers can exploit to generate alpha.

Stuart Rae More

The curious case of the missing defaults

For the past two centuries, a "double bust" (in commodities and capital flows) has led to a spike in sovereign defaults. Yet they have risen only modestly since the peak in commodity prices and global capital flows around 2011.

Carmen Reinhart More

E + S + G factors all add up to better performance

Ensuring your investment process has the flexibility to incorporate sustainability factors all adds up to improved longer term portfolio performance outcomes.

Amanda McCluskey0.50 CE More

The optimal shape of retirement planning

A recent research paper that likens the three main retirement planning approaches to shapes provides an interesting way to think about three different retirement planning approaches. In the end, the best option may incorporate all three.

Michael Kitces0.50 CE 1 commentMore

Backgrounder: The rise of impact investing

As some institutional investors build internal impact investing capabilities, the inclusion of impact investments in portfolios may be on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

Will Jackson More

Research Review: More on portfolio construction

A recent paper that addresses one of the most pressing issues facing the financial community - how to construct long-term investment portfolios to best fit the needs of those saving for retirement - questions the appropriateness of many commonly used techniques.

Ron Bird1.00 CE More

The moral identity of Homo Economicus

Two recent books indicate that a quiet revolution is challenging the foundations of economics, promising radical changes in how we view many aspects of organisations, public policy, and even social life.

Ricardo Hausmann 1 commentMore

Managing carbon exposure is essential for better risk-adjusted returns

Managing carbon risk within portfolios is increasingly a decision integral to risk management and the pursuit of superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Domenico Giuliano0.50 CE More

Forum Fodder 17 Nov 2017

In Fodder this week: Why sovereign debt crises are now rarer than history would suggest; Dr Woody Brock clears up confusion around the Phillips Curve; behavioural biases creating opportunities to generate alpha; sustainability factors and investment outcomes; and a review of two academic papers on our personal values and professional ethics.

Graham Rich, Publisher, PortfolioConstruction Forum More

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