1. Corporate debt the next bubble to pop?

    Investment grade debt has become much riskier, default rates will rise when interest rates begin the inevitable normalisation, and credit spreads are too low – it’s a bubble waiting to burst. Actually, no.

    Tim Farrelly | 12-06-19 | More
  2. Alternative investments - what, how and why?

    The definition of the "alternative investment" asset class is one of the most debated and important. What is your philosophy?

    Graham Rich | 24-05-19 | 1 comment | More
  3. Investment Management Research Workshop

    Established in 2008, the Investment Management Research Workshop showcases contemporary academic research that is relevant to investment management. It gives you a rare opportunity to join with the full spectrum of investment management analysts - academics, professional investors, consultants, practitioners and advocates - to consider contemporary investment research.

    22-05-19 | More
  4. 2019 Investment Research Workshop - resources

    The Investment Management Research Workshop 2019 showcased contemporary academic research that is relevant to investment management.

    22-05-19 | 11 comments | More
  5. Research Review: About active and passive

    A recent paper looks at the impact of passive investing on market stability; a second describes shades of alpha for active and index investing. A third reviews luck and portfolio rebalancing outcomes.

    Ron Bird | 15-05-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  6. We are all active investors now

    Rather than worrying about whether portfolios are actively or passively managed, investors should focus on strategic asset allocation. The tired active-passive investment debate has run its course.

    Larry Hatheway | 13-05-19 | More
  7. On reflection: Forum retrospectives

    Each February, our Markets Summit program kicks off with a video retrospective of the key events of the prior year...

    12-04-19 | More
  8. Research Review: What we need to know about fund managers

    Most of us use funds in clients' portfolios. Three new research papers look at what differentiates fund managers, highlighting factors we probably never considered important.

    Ron Bird | 08-04-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  9. 2019 Investment Research Workshop - overview & registration

    The Investment Management Research Workshop showcases contemporary academic research that is relevant to investment management. The 2019 IMR Workshop features a faculty including: Prof Moshe Milevsky, PhD; University of Sydney Business School's Susan Thorp, PhD; Macquarie University's Tim Kyng, PhD; Portfolio Construction Forum's Prof Ron Bird; Grattan Institute's Brendan Coates; and, ANU's Geoff Warren, PhD.

    05-04-19 | 5.50 CE | More
  10. Climate change-related regulation

    Compared to physical risks, investors have a much greater ability to incorporate carbon and related pollution regulations into investment decisions.

    Colonial First State Global Asset Management | 25-03-19 | More
  11. Imputation refunds have to go?

    The idea that imputation refunds are an unfair, expensive rort is gaining acceptance in the community. The Labor proposal is not fair, nor much of a revenue earner. It's not even nuts. It is just wrong.

    Tim Farrelly | 12-03-19 | 19 comments | More
  12. Physical impacts of climate change

    Climate change is affecting countries, companies, assets and communities in a variety of ways. Good stewardship of client assets requires investors to consider these issues.

    Colonial First State Global Asset Management | 05-03-19 | More
  13. Research Review: The cost of misbehaviour and passive investing

    Two recent papers provide timely insights on the market impact of behaviour that is detrimental to corporate reputation, and the impact of ever-growing passive investing on behaviour within organisations.

    Ron Bird | 27-02-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  14. Behavioural finance competence is a must to Know Your Product

    We must fully understand a fund’s performance to achieve best practice portfolio construction and recommend client solutions that truly reflect their investment beliefs and avoid unwanted biases.

    Michael Furey | 20-02-19 | 0.50 CE | More
  15. The heat is on - where investing meets investors

    Human beliefs, biases and behaviours are central to the behaviour of financial markets, causing financial and economic instability to persist.

    Pippa Malmgren | 20-02-19 | 0.50 CE | 1 comment | More
  16. IMAC: Equity Investments

    This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on the principles of equity securities and analysis including: fundamental investing and analysis; industry analysis; corporate analysis; quantitative investing; momentum investing; value/contrarian investing; and, technical analysis.

    Ron Bird | 18-02-19 | More
  17. IMAC: Options, Futures & Other Derivative Investments

    This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on: the primary roles of derivatives in investment portfolios; the difference between futures and forwards contracts and options; the risk and return characteristics of options; risk management strategies using derivatives; return enhancement strategies using derivatives; and, option pricing.

    Nadima El-Hassan | 18-02-19 | More
  18. IMAC: Portfolio Risk Management Strategies

    This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on: the multifactor approach to portfolio risk management; sources of risk that may be identified and managed within a portfolio; how risk may be managed using futures and options; Value-at-Risk as a measure of portfolio downside risk; Risk budgeting and Value-at-Risk; and how risk may be decomposed using value-at-risk to measure a portfolio’s overall risk.

    Nadima El-Hassan | 18-02-19 | More
  19. IMAC: International Investing

    This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on how to make decisions about a portfolio's market and currency exposure, and to determine the impact of those decisions on portfolio performance. To various extents, these topics are considered in other IMAC lectures (currency management, asset allocation, performance measurement) and hence this lecture fills the gaps.

    Ron Bird | 18-02-19 | More
  20. Shareholders? Who needs them?

    The former head of the Australian Stock Exchange recommends that dividend imputation should be abolished?

    Tim Farrelly | 06-02-19 | 2 comments | More
  21. Reflections on the yield curve: Is this time different?

    Yes, it’s possible that we enter a recession in the not too distant future. But the best curve to forecast recessions still has a positive slope.

    Payden & Rygel | 05-02-19 | More
  22. The volatility of profit margins

    Cyclical volatility in earnings has increased dramatically since the 1980s. The recent Apple profit warning is an excellent case in point.

    Robert Gay | 14-01-19 | More