Our Markets Summit program kicks off with a video retrospective of the key events of the prior year...

We are in an investment environment like that of the pre-GFC period. Bonds will offer higher levels of both income and diversification, within a multi-asset portfolio.

Chris Iggo | 0.25 CE

The Investment Management Analyst Certificate (IMAC) advances investment management analyst knowledge, skill and expertise in a definitive set of competencies necessary for building and/or advising on quality multi-manager portfolios. It is both a structured post-graduate certificate course in its own right, and the Australian-based Registered Education Program for the global Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) program.

Delta Factors is a returns-based factor analysis tool that will help you create robust portfolios by deepening your understanding of the underlying factors that have truly driven a fund's investment risk and return. It is highly intuitive, visual, fast and cost effective.