1. Trend to global investing still has much further to go

    Recently, I attended the Eureka Report Around the World of Investing Forum. The overwhelming impression was that global investing is very new to many Australians.

    Dominic McCormick | 05-12-14 | 1 comment | More
  2. Lessons form the last 40 yrs

    Looking back over the last 40 years, it is clear that, in the next 20 years, successful asset owners and managers are going to listen to Einstein and stop making things too simple.

    Alan Brown | 03-12-14 | More
  3. Evaluating active managers

    Statistics rarely tell the story clearly. With trial and error, I found that looking at three dimensions of performance assisted my interpretation.

    Don Ezra, Russell Investments | 27-11-14 | More
  4. Now you can, should you?

    The world's biggest inaccessible stock market is finally opening to foreigners. Those with strong convictions about the rise of the Chinese consumer may want to take a hard look.

    Thomas Gatley, GaveKal | 18-11-14 | More
  5. 2014 Conference - Webcast

    This Resources Kit is a deluge of videos, podcasts, and papers for all sessions of the jam-packed Conference 2014 program so you can "attend" even if you weren't part of the 600 plus audience.

    19-09-14 | More
  6. Finding smart beta in the factor zoo

    This paper argues that to make choices regarding smart betas we must first assess whether they're robust. Luckily, it concludes, most so-called factors can be ignored.

    Angela Ashton, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 16-09-14 | More
  7. Slick LICs

    IPOs of LICs continue. But LICs have unique challenges and complexities that make them a complicated investment decision - which is certainly not the way they are marketed.

    Dominic McCormick | 14-09-14 | 10 comments | More
  8. The crisis in retirement planning

    Robert Merton, 1997 Nobel Prize winner, has recently penned an article about his views on retirement planning. There are some interesting take aways for Australian practitioners.

    Angela Ashton, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 03-09-14 | 1 comment | More
  9. Ramblings about unconstrained debt funds

    Unconstrained debt strategies are flavour of the month, and likely to be very popular amongst investors for several reasons. But where do such funds fit in a portfolio?

    Michael Furey | 02-09-14 | More
  10. Capturing the emerging market equity premium with lower risk

    The empirical relation between risk and return in emerging equity markets is flat, or even negative - including controlling for exposures to the size, value and momentum effects.

    Frank Wirds | 21-08-14 | More
  11. Lengthening the investment time horizon

    Company fundamentals don't change nearly as much as equity market prices - and therein lies an opportunity for investors with a longer-term view.

    Sanjay Natarajan, MFS Investment Management | 21-08-14 | More
  12. A practitioner's guide to building absolute return portfolios

    To achieve absolute return objectives, many risk management techniques remain relevant but their application and focus need to change.

    Nick Griffiths and Antonio Meroni, Pengana Capital | 21-08-14 | More
  13. Demographics versus The Bear

    Demographic understanding is now one of the most important elements in the areas of government and - importantly for investors - future drivers in financial market returns.

    Vimal Gor, BT Investment Management | 21-08-14 | More
  14. New directions in high-yield investment

    Bonds are no longer risk free. It's time to accept the idea and move on - to broaden the traditional idea of fixed-income as a form of risk mitigation and view it also as a risk-and-return proposition.

    Guy Bruten, AllianceBernstein | 21-08-14 | More
  15. Risk parity portfolios and the low beta premium

    In recent years, the risk parity approach to asset allocation has been gaining popularity. Evidence supports it but confidence in its efficacy requires a theoretical justification.

    Cliff Asness, AQR Capital Management | 21-08-14 | More
  16. The quest for returns in the new world paradigm "Redux"

    A sustained period of lower global growth, rich valuations from traditional assets and an eerie calm before the storm in asset price volatility require a different approach to asset allocation.

    David Griffith, BlackRock | 20-08-14 | More
  17. Private equity - diversifying equity portfolios

    Public equity valuations have disconnected from underlying earnings and there is a distorted link between perceived and actual risk.

    Urs Wietlisbach, Partners Group | 20-08-14 | More
  18. Breaking the Risk On/Risk Off cycle

    In managing a risk on/risk off world, investors can maintain or increase exposure to growth assets while experiencing a smoother ride.

    Don Hamson, Plato Investment Management | 20-08-14 | More
  19. Are you hanging your client's investment aspirations on six stocks?

    The top six stocks in the ASX 300 represent 45% of market cap and 50% of market risk. A 4% TE constrained manager must hold 15%-20% in these six stocks even if they do not like them.

    Olivia Engel | 20-08-14 | More
  20. Evaluating the Australian bond market through a global lens

    The seismic shift in fixed income after a 30-year bull market for bonds has created significant portfolio construction challenges and opportunities.

    Chris Siniakov & Andrew Canobi, Franklin Templeton Investments | 20-08-14 | More
  21. Trends and opportunities in global listed infrastructure

    The size of the global infrastructure asset universe will expand from $40 trillion earlier this decade to over $110 trillion by 2030, presenting significant opportunities to invest.

    David Hale, David Hale Global Economics | 20-08-14 | More
  22. Alpha Potential - identifying active management opportunities

    Alpha Potential is gaining traction as another important quantitative tool. Its use lies in identifying opportunities for active management of Australian equities amongst other asset classes.

    Robert Penaloza and Andrew Kophamel, Aberdeen Asset Management  | 20-08-14 | More
  23. Fixed income: The future is flexible

    Investing in unconstrained fixed income strategies with more flexibility to change duration and sector exposures can have a positive impact on a portfolio’s overall risk and return profile.

    Nick Gartside, JP Morgan Asset Management | 20-08-14 | More
  24. Risk & return: Two investment approaches

    If risk and return are imperfectly linked, there is opportunity to increase average return, without increasing risk - particularly in equity markets where risk is mispriced.

    Ryan Taliaferro, Acadian Asset Management | 20-08-14 | More
  25. Reconnecting the three Rs - Risk & Return (& Relating)

    The last decade has seen a distinct disconnect between investment risk and return, versus what we're taught should be the case.

    Graham Rich, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 20-08-14 | More
  26. A practical measure of Alpha Potential

    Alpha Potential is gaining traction as a tool to identify opportunities for active management, enhancing the value proposition afforded to active managers.

    Andrew Kophamel and Ben Wang, Aberdeen Asset Management | 17-08-14 | More
  27. Backgrounder: Reconnecting risk & return

    The last decade has seen a disconnect between investment risk and return vs what we're taught should be the case. What is the long-term relationship? Can it be beaten?

    PortfolioConstruction Forum | 15-08-14 | More
  28. Breaking the risk on/risk off cycle

    A dynamic risk management approach can protect a portfolio again sequencing risk, providing reliable investment returns over the cycle.

    Plato Milliman | 14-08-14 | More
  29. Building a robust portfolio for future unknowns

    To ensure risk is genuinely well diversified takes a sophisticated forward-looking scenario-analysis process to combine quantitative rigor with qualitative insights of extreme stresses it might face.

    Mark Foster & Chris Nichols, Standard Life Investments | 12-08-14 | More
  30. Evaluating the Australian bond market through a global lens

    This paper explores the thesis that capturing the traditional relationship of fixed income in the total client portfolio will require more untraditional approaches going forward.

    Chris Siniakov & Andrew Canobi, Franklin Templeton Investments | 12-08-14 | More
  31. The quest for returns in the new world paradigm

    This paper explores a different approach to asset allocation and alternative returns sources to reduce the reliance on traditional asset classes and drive returns.

    David Griffith, BlackRock | 11-08-14 | More
  32. The future is flexible - why, when, whence?

    Uncertainty about the timing of future interest rate rises poses challenges to fixed income investors. This paper identifies options available in managing portfolios in such an environment.

    Nick Gartside, JP Morgan Asset Management | 11-08-14 | More
  33. 2014 Symposium - CPD Quiz

    Symposium NZ 2014 facilitated debate on the three pillars of portfolio construction – markets, strategies and investing - to help delegates build better quality portfolios. This CPD Quiz is for delegates to complete, to receive Structured CPD Hours.

    30-06-14 | More
  34. Rates are going up - so don't buy fixed interest?

    Everyone knows bond rates are going up - so why would you buy fixed interest? Actually, there are three really good reasons.

    Tim Farrelly | 18-06-14 | More
  35. Academy Winter Seminar 2014 - Resources Kit

    PortfolioConstruction Forum Academy Winter Seminar 2014 featured four sessions: Risk, return & relating; Statistics, lies, and investment performance analysis; How safe are safe withdrawal rates in retirement?; and, Communicating and learning with and from clients.

    18-06-14 | 31 comments | More
  36. 2014 Symposium - Resources Kit

    This Resources Kit is a deluge of videos, podcasts, and papers for all sessions of the jam-packed Symposium 2014 program so you can "attend" even if you weren't part of the 200-strong audience.

    30-05-14 | More
  37. Valuations matter - implications for portfolio risk and return outcomes

    This paper and presentation argue that starting period equity valuations impact not just medium-term equity returns, but medium-term equity volatility and bond-equity correlations also.

    Keith Poore, AMP Capital NZ | 21-05-14 | More
  38. Investing in global bonds - a smarter way

    This paper and presentation argue against the use of debt-weighted benchmarks for global bond managers, in favour of a better approach to setting an appropriate benchmark.

    Graham Ansell, ANZ NZ Investments | 21-05-14 | More
  39. Using risk factors to evaluate investments and build portfolios

    Using risk factors in evaluating investments in the portfolio construction process can provide valuable information about the true drivers of performance.

    Michael Furey | 21-05-14 | More
  40. How to judge the likelihood a manager will or has added value

    There's some evidence that some managers can add (relatively) consistent value net of costs. Can we (or anyone) identify them?

    Prof Jack Gray, UTS | 21-05-14 | More
  41. Has behavioural finance made us better (investors)?

    Are the human and organisational barriers to being better investors insurmountable, or can we learn and improve our decision-making?

    Prof Jack Gray, UTS | 20-05-14 | More
  42. Implementing the modern portfolio - in theory and in practice

    Typically, MPT has focused solely on how to invest within classes, not amongst them. But MPT continues to evolve.

    Michael Kitces | 20-05-14 | More
  43. USA will surprise on the upside

    This paper and presentation argue that there are real sign-posts that clearly suggest that the US is off its knees and ready to surprise the world on the upside, with significant implications for markets and portfolios.

    Nikki Thomas | 20-05-14 | More
  44. Challenging your portfolio construction beliefs

    Graham Rich opened Symposium 2014 in his usual thought-provoking (and entertaining) way, highlighting key issues to consider over the jam-packed, marathon program.

    Graham Rich, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 20-05-14 | More
  45. Moving forward with the normalisation of yields

    Faced with the prospect of rising yields, some investors are cutting bond allocations. But the bond market can offer compensation against rising rates.

    Scott Mather, David Fisher & Michael Story, PIMCO | 14-05-14 | More
  46. A tale of two sharemarkets

    Often, the true dangers reside where investors are most comfortable going and the best opportunities are where investors fear to tread.

    Dominic McCormick | 06-05-14 | More
  47. Fureyous: Absolute return investing... a nice goal

    It is fine to have positive returns year-in, year-out as an objective or goal. But, absolute returns should never be presented as an expectation, as disappointment is inevitable.

    Michael Furey | 29-04-14 | 6 comments | More
  48. Global equity investing: Insights into a better portfolio

    Towers Watson's compendium of insights into global equity investing contains useful insights about issues many portfolio construction practitioners face every day.

    Angela Ashton, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 29-04-14 | More
  49. Divorcing your debt benchmark

    Divorcing your debt benchmark and adopting more unconstrained approach to debt investing and offering degrees of freedom to the portfolio manager is the new "core".

    Lisa Kim, PIMCO | 10-04-14 | More
  50. Academy Autumn Seminar 2014 - Resources Kit

    The Academy Autumn Seminar 2014 featured four sessions: 10 golden rules for portfolio construction; Reassessing the global debt spectrum; Currency revisited - to hedge or not to hedge; Volatility investing - the next frontier.

    09-04-14 | 40 comments | More
  51. Safety in numbers?

    When any investment and, in particular, an alternative investment begins to be considered mainstream with attendant big inflows, the end is generally nigh.

    Tim Farrelly | 24-03-14 | More
  52. Monitoring the success of target date funds

    The nature of target date funds - encompassing multiple objectives and changing asset allocations over time - raises challenges for performance reporting.

    Sean Henaghan, AMP Capital | 24-03-14 | More
  53. 2014 Markets Summit - Resources Kit

    This Resources Kit is a deluge of videos, podcasts, and papers for all 18 sessions of the jam-packed Markets Summit 2014 program - The Great Escape (what will markets be like in the QE runout?) so you can "attend" even if you weren't part of the 500-strong audience.

    07-03-14 | More
  54. Bonds are a cheap insurance policy

    Think about bonds as an insurance policy for portfolios. With higher yields available, very cheap insurance is even better able to pay for hurdles facing portfolios.

    Robert Mead, PIMCO | 18-02-14 | More
  55. There will be no Great Escape without a Great Unwind

    To achieve the Great Escape, central banks must first complete the Great Unwind – the removal of ultra-easy monetary policies. So what is the roadmap for the Great Unwind?

    Tim Farrelly | 18-02-14 | More
  56. Inflation risk - will QE ruin retirement?

    Ultra-low interest rates and QE have offset the deflationary forces of debt deleveraging. The challenge policy makers face is when to withdraw the stimulus to avert inflation.

    Susan Gosling | 18-02-14 | More
  57. Is index investing simply a case of indifference?

    In a Great Escape world, ignoring the index and actively seeking growth investments regardless of size or weightings is more important than ever.

    Alex Milton, NovaPort Capital | 18-02-14 | More
  58. Outlook on the United States

    The US economy made substantial progress in 2013. The economic outlook for 2014 appears promising -and the US equity market can continue to appreciate.

    Ronald Temple | 07-01-14 | More
  59. Inflation, uncertainty and portfolio management

    Will QE ruin retirement? Looking back at the risks inflation has presented in the past helps us look forward to the potential consequences.

    Susan Gosling | 01-01-14 | More