1. Segment retirement expenses to create retirement buckets

    Retirement bucket strategies tie specific expenses to specific portfolios. But looking at categories of spending doesn't necessarily work. A better approach is to segment spending within each category.

    Michael Kitces | 13-06-19 | More
  2. farrelly's Investment Strategy (Australia)

    Welcome to the farrelly's Dynamic Asset Allocation Australian subscriber only area...

    11-06-19 | More
  3. farrelly's Investment Strategy (NZ)

    Welcome to the farrelly's Dynamic Asset Allocation NZ subscriber-only area...

    11-06-19 | More
  4. farrelly's Dynamic Asset Allocation Handbook (NZ Edition)

    The quarterly Dynamic Asset Allocation is published electronically, and emailed to subscribers in early March, June, September, and December. It features farrelly's Editorial; long-term outlook for markets; Forecast in Focus; and three different approaches to Implementation...

    11-06-19 | More
  5. farrelly's Dynamic Asset Allocation Handbook (Australian Edition)

    The farrelly's Dynamic Asset Allocation Handbook features editorial exploring investment strategy "hot topics", farrelly's long-term forecasts for asset classes, a detailed review of the long-term forecasts for an individual asset class (rotating across asset classes each quarter) and three asset allocation models to assist with implementation...

    11-06-19 | More
  6. Alternative investments - what, how and why?

    The definition of the "alternative investment" asset class is one of the most debated and important. What is your philosophy?

    Graham Rich | 24-05-19 | 1 comment | More
  7. Investment Management Research Workshop

    Established in 2008, the Investment Management Research Workshop showcases contemporary academic research that is relevant to investment management. It gives you a rare opportunity to join with the full spectrum of investment management analysts - academics, professional investors, consultants, practitioners and advocates - to consider contemporary investment research.

    22-05-19 | More
  8. 2019 Investment Research Workshop - resources

    The Investment Management Research Workshop 2019 showcased contemporary academic research that is relevant to investment management.

    22-05-19 | 11 comments | More
  9. The race of our lives revisited (in a nutshell)

    Climate change has moved faster than most thought possible. There will be exciting investment opportunities in companies focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    Jeremy Grantham | 16-05-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  10. Research Review: About active and passive

    A recent paper looks at the impact of passive investing on market stability; a second describes shades of alpha for active and index investing. A third reviews luck and portfolio rebalancing outcomes.

    Ron Bird | 15-05-19 | 1.00 CE | More
  11. We are all active investors now

    Rather than worrying about whether portfolios are actively or passively managed, investors should focus on strategic asset allocation. The tired active-passive investment debate has run its course.

    Larry Hatheway | 13-05-19 | More
  12. Markets Summit 2019 key takeouts

    These are my key takeouts from Markets Summit 2019's Faculty of investment thinkers from around the world offering their high conviction ideas on the drivers of and outlook for the markets.

    Robert Huebscher | 30-04-19 | More
  13. On reflection: Forum retrospectives

    Each February, our Markets Summit program kicks off with a video retrospective of the key events of the prior year...

    12-04-19 | More
  14. 2019 Investment Research Workshop - overview & registration

    The Investment Management Research Workshop showcases contemporary academic research that is relevant to investment management. The 2019 IMR Workshop features a faculty including: Prof Moshe Milevsky, PhD; University of Sydney Business School's Susan Thorp, PhD; Macquarie University's Tim Kyng, PhD; Portfolio Construction Forum's Prof Ron Bird; Grattan Institute's Brendan Coates; and, ANU's Geoff Warren, PhD.

    05-04-19 | 5.50 CE | More
  15. 2019 Markets Summit - my key take outs

    My key takeout was that perhaps markets entered an inflection point through 2018 and, accordingly (if they haven't already), investors need to think about how they position portfolios.

    Stephen Miller | 13-03-19 | More
  16. Imputation refunds have to go?

    The idea that imputation refunds are an unfair, expensive rort is gaining acceptance in the community. The Labor proposal is not fair, nor much of a revenue earner. It's not even nuts. It is just wrong.

    Tim Farrelly | 12-03-19 | 19 comments | More
  17. IMAC: Managing Currency in Portfolios

    This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on the drivers of currencies in the short and long term and different approaches to currency risk management for portfolios.

    Tim Farrelly | 26-02-19 | More
  18. Uncertainty requires more dynamism in delivering outcomes

    Few clients have the 20-year horizon required for today’s strategically-oriented models to become consistent with suggested outcomes, such as CPI+4%. This builds in a structural mismatch.

    Michael Kelly | 19-02-19 | 0.25 CE | More
  19. Managing currency exposures

    Australian investors have a different perspective on foreign currency to investors elsewhere in the world, and this should be reflected in how local portfolios are built.

    State Street Global Advisors | 01-02-19 | 1.00 CE | More