1. Segment retirement expenses to create retirement buckets

    Retirement bucket strategies tie specific expenses to specific portfolios. But looking at categories of spending doesn't necessarily work. A better approach is to segment spending within each category.

    Michael Kitces | 13-06-19 | More
  2. Alternative investments - what, how and why?

    The definition of the "alternative investment" asset class is one of the most debated and important. What is your philosophy?

    Graham Rich | 24-05-19 | 1 comment | More
  3. A carbon dividend is better than a carbon tax

    A carbon tax - while immensely popular among economists - imposes the same cost on the rich and poor. A carbon dividend would be a smart step that wouldn’t invite a yellow vest reaction.

    Mark Paul and Anthony Underwood | 23-05-19 | 1 comment | More
  4. China is not in crisis, it's reforming

    China is frequently presented as a source of crisis or instability for the global economy. However, the picture is one of imperfection, not peril.

    Julian McCormack | 29-04-19 | More
  5. Bond returns are competitive again

    For the first time in a decade, bonds can compete against equities on returns. High quality, investment grade corporate bonds can deliver mid-single digit returns for a third of the volatility of equities.

    Mark Kiesel | 08-03-19 | More
  6. Reflections on the yield curve: Is this time different?

    Yes, it’s possible that we enter a recession in the not too distant future. But the best curve to forecast recessions still has a positive slope.

    Payden & Rygel | 05-02-19 | More