Mid this year, ASIC concluded its enquiry into allegations of wrongdoing and criminal behaviour at IOOF, related mainly to the research team and its then head. The real "scandal" turned out to be about reckless and biased elements of the media (and politicians).

Dominic McCormick

Does our character manifest itself in our investing decisions? This Resources Kit presents 10 key research papers, presentations and opinion pieces around what determines values, how values impact ethics and behaviour, and the relationship to trust.

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Conference 2016 delivered 50+ high conviction ideas on how to manage the friction between short-term and long-term investing imperatives. Here are the key takeouts.

Will Jackson

Short-term thinking in finance is nothing new. New paradigms may emerge slowly and without much publicity. Listen for weak signals - ideas may emerge in some unconventional ways.

Dr Keith Suter, Global Directions | 0.50 CE

Andrew's story epitomises how disadvantaged people may, can and do re-engage with society and contribute positively, when given a hand up by the rest of us.

Andrew Windsor, The Wayside Chapel | 1 comment

While parts of the asset management industry appear to be dumbing down, we must continue to educate individuals on the differences between investment and speculation.

Hamish Douglass, Magellan Financial Group

A clear investment philosophy will be your rock in times when short-term noise plays havoc with your portfolios.

Lukasz de Pourbaix, Lonsec

Greater self-determination and social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples offers a path to progress.

Mick Dodson, Australian National University

By encouraging investors to control their emotions and by choosing the right funds, we can help them meet their long-term needs.

Don Phillips, Morningstar

The long-term ambitions of investors and politicians are often thwarted by short-term pressures. The solution may comprise a combination of passive and high conviction alpha strategies.

Geraldine Buckingham, BlackRock

The financial system we bequeath is unstable, un-trusted and built on inappropriate theory with mis-aligned incentives.

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Many assume there is a trade-off between investing for financial returns and social impact. This is false and misleading. There is a synergy between profit and purpose.

Andrew Kuper, LeapFrog Investments | 0.50 CE

Investing is supposed to be about the incremental replacement of human capital with financial capital over the long term. But today's environment and our behavioural biases conspire against such a pure case.

Graham Rich, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 0.25 CE

Rather than adopting a set-and-forget approach, long-term investors should be engaged asset owners and take a broader perspective on risk, in order to achieve sustainable investment returns.

Hendrie Koster, Mercer Investments

Managing the fundamental friction between short-term and long-term investing imperatives is a key challenge when building portfolios. This Backgrounder explores some of the key concepts and debates.

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How do we survive when liquid, safe asset classes don’t offer income to cover the cost of living? Do we speculate today? Or wait for it to normalise at an unknowable future date?

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While seemingly elegant in theory, globalisation suffers in practice. That is the lesson of Brexit and of the rise of Donald Trump. Those who worship at the altar of free trade – including me – must come to grips with this glaring disconnect.

Stephen Roach

Retirement income planning is a relatively new field that differs from traditional wealth accumulation. Eight key ideas serve as a manifesto for my approach to retirement income planning.

Wade D. Pfau, The American College

I awoke to read three pieces in the papers. These items contained news that would have surprised nobody, had global economic and market commentators been doing their job of properly interpreting the news.

Woody Brock

The economic theories of the pre-crisis period – rational expectations, efficient markets, and the neutrality of money – must be revised. Politicians must encourage a revolution in economic thinking.

Anatole Kaletsky

I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that the vast majority of annual investment outlook pieces are frequently useless to the average investor or adviser.

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How much longer can markets not only ignore the real economy, but also discount political risk? Welcome to the New Abnormal for growth, inflation, monetary policies, and asset prices.

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