1. Values, ethics and investing

    While some still firmly believe that values and ethics have no part to play in investing, the tide is turning. Values play a vital role in investment and business decisions - and, increasingly, investors care about more than just financial returns.

    Clare Payne, Charles Sampford, Jack Gray,  | 22-11-17 | 1.00 CE | More
  2. Research Review: Personal values and professionalism

    What influence do personal values have on our behaviour, as individuals? And how do those values interact with professional standards and ethics?

    Will Jackson | 17-11-17 | 1.50 CE | More
  3. Philosophy Lecture: Value investing

    Value investing has proven successful over time but it requires discipline and a long-run horizon - and disagreement remains over whether the value premium will persist. What's your philosophy?

    Philipp Hofflin | 01-11-17 | 4.00 CE | More
  4. Ethics has nothing to do with investment

    While some still firmly believe that ethics has nothing to do with investment, the tide is turning. Increasingly, clients are demanding ethical portfolios.

    Clare Payne | 24-08-17 | 0.25 CE | More
  5. Democratic politics & market economics are the axis of value

    Public policy matters to performance at every level. Yet modern politics faces a crisis of ideas, relevance and trust. The trick is to let markets do their work.

    Ruth Richardson | 23-08-17 | 0.50 CE | More
  6. Culture is at the heart of investment competitive advantage

    Culture is at the heart of competitive advantage today - this is particularly the case for investment firms where people and their judgments are the chief assets.

    Carol Geremia | 23-08-17 | 0.25 CE | More
  7. Investment is a game of inches – every little bit counts

    In a world where 0.6%pa is top quartile, winning is difficult and losing is easy. There are big gains to be made in surprising places. Even 1%pa adds up to a huge difference over time.

    Tim Farrelly | 23-08-17 | 0.50 CE | More
  8. Backgrounder: Culture and investment performance

    The relationship between organisational culture and relative performance has significant implications for active asset managers, given their dependence on effective collaboration and decision making.

    Will Jackson | 21-08-17 | More
  9. Culture and sustainable alpha generation - six key factors

    Culture is at the heart of competitive advantage today; this is particularly the case for investment firms where people and their judgments are the chief assets. A strong culture in investment management firms is a requirement for sustainable alpha-generation.

    Carol Geremia | 14-08-17 | More
  10. A Guide to forming an Investment Policy Framework

    This Guide aims to assist practitioners develop their investment policy framework, by providing a checklist of issues to consider, and publicly available examples from institutions in Australia and globally.

    Andrew Fairweather & Jerome Lander | 21-07-17 | More
  11. Masterclass NZ 2017 - Resources

    Masterclass NZ is a post-graduate extension program focused on contemporary issues that are fundamental to building better quality portfolios. The one-day program is comprised of five research-based, active learning sessions:

    16-06-17 | More
  12. Daring to be different - the benefits of contrarian investing

    Literature from a variety of disciplines help highlight the qualities behind truly creative, contrarian thinking - qualities which can be applied to modern portfolio management.

    Stephen Anness & Andy Hall | 07-06-17 | More
  13. An investment philosophy is critical

    This workshop will help you develop a clear, communicable, logical and understandable investment philosophy, deciding what's important and what's not.

    Graham Rich, PortfolioConstruction Forum and Tim Farrelly, farrelly's | 15-02-17 | 1.00 CE | More
  14. The winds of change

    Strong winds of change are blowing - we appear to be entering a new age of populist and economic nationalism. What does it all mean for the outlook for the markets?

    Graham Rich, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 14-02-17 | 0.25 CE | More
  15. Backgrounder: 5 Megatrends driving portfolio construction

    In 2002, we embarked on a quest to identify the secular forces which would substantially influence markets over the coming decade. We proposed five megatrends - which still drive portfolio construction today.

    Will Jackson | 13-02-17 | More