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Friday 01 July 2016

Specialist, independent investment continuing education & certification for portfolio construction practitioners

Brexit (of course!), retirement resources - and Conference 2016
Fodder features four unique views on Brexit. First, Dr Oliver Hartwich shares his ex-insider's perspective (he worked with the London think tank associated with PM David Cameron and his possible successor, Michael Gove). Then BCA Research's Marko Papic analyses Brexit's geo-political ramifications and investment implications. We also re-highlight Professor Niall Ferguson's history lesson - watch out for Breturn!  Our last Brexit piece looks at why it was a flawed referendum, and what needs to be done to improve an increasingly likely second one. Lastly, on a totally different note, we feature Dr Joanne Earl's top 10 rated Workshop from Symposium 2016 on the six dimensions of retirement resources (only one being financial) and what's needed for retirees to adjust well to leaving full time work.
All the best for a great weekend's continuing education - Graham
P.S. Register now for PortfolioConstruction Forum Conference 2016 (24-25 August). This year's theme is "The long and short of it"... Is the concept of long-term investing increasingly irrelevant? (While we're on the topic of long and short, Schnitzel makes a cameo in this video.)


Inside Brexit
I previously worked with the London think tank closely linked to David Cameron and his Tory modernisers. It was fascinating for me to watch Brexit from afar. Here's my take on what we've just witnessed.
Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative |

The coming EXITentialist crisis
The Brexit referendum is a major break in the 70 years of European integration. What's next for the UK? Who is next to exit? What does this mean for broader global stability? And - most importantly - what are investment implications?
Marko Papic, BCA Research |
White Paper

Brexit now and we will only have to Breturn
The lesson of history is that British isolationism is a trigger for continental disintegration. A vote for Brexit will mean Britain will only have to "Breturn" sooner or later, to sort out the ensuing mess.
Niall Ferguson, Harvard University |

Reforming the Referendum
The lesson from Brexit is clear - put questions to a popular vote only when there can be no misunderstanding about how much (or how little) is at stake. The Brexit referendum failed that test.
 , Trusted Sources |

How to identify retirement resources that matter
It's a sad fact that not everyone adjusts well to retirement. It's estimated that about one third of retirees have problems adapting after leaving full time work. So why do some people fail to adapt? A Dynamic Resource Model provides a potential solution.
Dr Joanne Earl, Flinders University |
1.00 CE | 2 comments | Resources
* Rated in the top 10 presentations by Symposium 2016 delegates

Member comments

Forward estimate versus static allocation
Michael, in past articles, you discuss the benefits of adjusting asset allocation based on forward asset class estimates of expected returns. How would this possibly (if it is possible) work with this more static allocation but dynamic re-balancing?
Stephen Farrell, Hogben Farrell Financial Planning |

Blending rebalancing strategies
Stephen, I wouldn't view these as mutually exclusive...
Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group |

Europe still matters
Yes, Europe still matters. It is a shrinking part of the world in relative terms, but it is still highly developed, rich, and home to some of the biggest companies on the planet..
Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative |


Finding the optimal rebalancing frequency
How often should a portfolio be rebalanced? Rather than the conventional wisdom of rebalancing at fixed time intervals, a superior methodology is tolerance band rebalancing.
Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group |
0.50 CE | 5 comments Research

How to psychologically prepare clients for bear markets
The next bear market will come - and none of us can predict the hour or day. Preparing clients for bearish times may be more important than portfolio design. But how?
Bob Veres, Inside Information |

The Australian equities X factor
Everybody is an Australian equities expert, understandably so for those who live in Australia. But the X factor in Australian equities portfolios is concentration risk.
Charlie Lanchester, BlackRock |

Learning from Namibia
Since winning independence from South Africa in 1990, this country of 2.4 million people has achieved enormous gains, especially in the last couple of years.
Joseph E. Stiglitz & Anya Schiffrin, Columbia University |

Right now inflation is the most important macro indicator
Central bankers successfully tamed inflation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Persistently low inflation is the new problem. With markets complacent about the inflation outlook, signs of inflation could create a scare.
Christian Hawkesby, Harbour Asset Management
 0.50 CE 1 comment | Resources
* Rated in the top 10 presentations by Symposium 2016 delegates

Member comments

Long-term investment returns
Hi Dom - Thanks for a thought provoking article. We live in interesting times and it is rewarding to work with investors during such times. I believe that (extremely) low returns on safe assets is fine...
Mark Hayden, Hayden Financial Services |

Geo-politics - Growth of Democracy
This is an optimistic assessment of the world: people use the Internet to become better informed and so there is a spread of democracy. Maybe.
Dr Keith Suter, Global Directions |

Geo-politics - Universal Basic Income (UBI)
The UBI debate is gaining traction. I have been a supporter of it for many years. But it is a hard sell...
Dr Keith Suter, Global Directions |


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