Each year, PortfolioConstruction Conference features a core, 13-hour independent plenary program. It is interspersed twice daily with six concurrent Due Diligence Forum sessions, delivering research papers developed for Conference by our carefully selected Partners.

Plenary speaker

Bob Veres
Inside Information (USA)

Plenary session summary

Our visiting fellow, Bob Veres, summarises the most important things he's taken from the two-day PortfolioConstruction Conference program, and the follow up he'd be doing if he was a Practitioner delegate.

" Fortunately, the key takeouts from 13 hours of PortfolioConstruction Conference plenary sessions were not impossibly complicated and (more importantly) were largely actionable..."

Presentation & download time

Presentation = 18 minutes
Podcast file size = 8MB

About the speaker

Bob is editor and publisher of Inside Information , an extremely influential, interactive newsletter service for financial planning professionals, and author of The Cutting Edge in Financial Services .

Over his 20-year career in the financial services world, Bob has worked as editor of Financial Planning magazine; as a contributing editor to the Journal of Financial Planning; and as a columnist and editor-at-large of Dow Jones Investment Advisor magazine. He is an outspoken public advocate for the financial planning profession, and a regularly featured speaker on the US and international financial planning circuit. He has been named one of the most influential people in the financial planning profession by Investment Advisor magazine and Financial Planning magazine.


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