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Friday 25 November 2016

Specialist, independent investment continuing education & certification for portfolio construction practitioners

Our values, our knowledge and ability to interpret information, our judgement and our wisdom are what builds our character as individuals. Does our character manifest itself in our investing decisions? To help you answer this question, we've curated a new Resources Kit - 10 papers, presentations and opinion pieces - around the topic of values and investing. You can take an academically proven values assessment of your own values - something we should all understand given the influence on portfolio construction philosophy. Separately, Dom McCormick argues that from having expected too little from Trump pre-election, a frothy stockmarket is now expecting far too much. Harvard Professor Carmen Reinhart explains why investors are already voting with their feet in advance of the upcoming popular referendum in Italy. And Stephen Hayes outlines what investors should do in the face of overinflated real asset valuations.
All the best for a great weekend's continuing education - Graham
P.S. Registration opens Monday for Summit 2017 “The Winds of Change”.


"Genius without education is like silver in the mine." - Ben Franklin


Values and investing
Does our character manifest itself in our investing decisions? This Resources Kit - presenting 10 key research papers, presentations and opinion pieces - focuses on what determines values, how values impact ethics and behaviour, and the relationship to trust.
Curated by PortfolioConstruction Forum | 0.50 CE |

Trump rally - genuine growth or groupthink gamble?
I wonder whether the post-Trump market rally and associated bullish economic and market narrative will come to be seen as one of the more prominent historical examples of poorly timed and lazy market groupthink.
Dominic McCormick, Select Investment Partners | 1 comment |

Fleeing Italy
Following the Brexit and Trump victories, focus has shifted to the upcoming referendum in Italy. There is a disquieting real-time poll of investor sentiment.
Professor Carmen Reinhart, Harvard University |

Over inflated long duration assets will lose you money
Real assets including real estate have overinflated valuations. Investors need to understand the frame work necessary to manage the trade-off between shorter term returns and longer term risks.
Stephen Hayes, Colonial First State Global Asset Management | 0.50 CE
| Resources

Your article is a must read
Great stuff Dom ... finally a common sense perspective...
Michael Furey, Delta Research & Advisory
| Comment

Systems thinking
Which of the two reality show contestants, do you think, is the better systems, whole-picture thinker, and which is the one-moral-cause-at-a time thinker?
Ralph Pain, University of Wollongong
| Comment


The new political and economic reality show
Trump offered entertainment, Clinton a documentary. Entertainment trumps facts every time. Now we need to re-calibrate portfolios to reflect the new fiscal and economic reality of a Trump Presidency.
Jonathan Pain, The Pain Report |
1 comment | Opinion

Give Trump a chance
According to most commentators, Trump's election signifies the end of the West, the international post-War framework, or the United States. I beg to differ.
Oliver Hartwich, The New Zealand Initiative |

US election - the investment implications
Investors should make no mistake. The key pillars of Trump's campaign are de-globalisation, higher fiscal spending, and protecting entitlements at current levels. What are the investment implications?
Marko Papic, BCA Research |

Which way for US-China relations?
Trump must now choose between cooperation and confrontation as the framework for US policy toward China. His choice should be obvious.
Minghao Zhao, Charhar Institute |

Why Trump could be good for markets
Trump is unambiguously the pure American profit maximiser. This could be the most business and financial markets friendly regime in a long time.
Christopher Joye, Smarter Money Investments |

Five ways Trump could move markets
A Trump administration means a significant shift in Washington policy for at least the next four years. There are five key areas in which Trump's policy decisions could have an economic impact.
Matt Miller, Capital Group | Opinion

The folly of planned economies
The Soviets proved planned economies don't work but our Central Bankers know better? The hubris is suffocating. Economics is not a science...
David Lunn, Lifestyle Wealth Partners
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