Expect turbulent US-China ties to test the region

Linda Jakobson | China Matters | 14 February 2017 | 0.50 CE



The following presentation was delivered at PortfolioConstruction Forum Summit 2017, the theme of which was "The winds of change".

US-China relations under President Donald Trump will be turbulent. Trump's confrontational remarks during the months he was president-elect, coupled with his transactional approach to dealing with foreign countries, are bound to increase friction between Beijing and Washington. While no government in the region wishes to choose between the US and China, no one wants to see the US neglect the Asia-Pacific either. This will be testing for an economically interdependent region. Intraregional ties will be strained. A major crisis over Taiwan, the South China Sea, or a trade war would deeply affect the region as a whole. In an era of volatility, Canberra should reach out to Beijing.

Linda Jakobson, Director, China Matters (Sydney)

Presentation - Recorded 14 February 2017 (26 mins)


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