The following research paper was selected for presentation in the Due Diligence Forum program at PortfolioConstruction Conference 2008.


Getting Real (Property)
Australian Diversified Property

Due Diligence Forum speaker

Dr David Rees
Director of Research
Mirvac Funds Management

Due Diligence Forum summary

In recent months, the real estate risk/reward package is widely perceived to have changed – perhaps permanently. Does the sector remain attractive and for what classes of investors?

This presentation and underlying research paper address which real estate asset classes will perform best over the next five to seven years and why. Will listed or unlisted vehicles perform best? What competencies and attributes are required from a fund manager today? Do debt and non-core asset classes still have a place in real estate portfolios? If so, how much and how should it be structured? Will superannuation growth continue to provide a safety net to asset values? What left of field risks and opportunities are out there?


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