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Forum Fodder | Friday 26 June 2020
"By preventing a financial crisis, policy support has helped avert worse real outcomes. At the same time, the disconnect between real and financial markets raises concerns of excessive risk-taking and this is a significant vulnerability."
- Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist, IMF (24 Jun 2020)
All the best for another week's continuing education! - Graham
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The Covid-19 shock to the dollar
I foresee a 35% drop in the broad dollar index over the next two to three years. Covid-19 may have spread from China, but the Covid currency shock looks like it will be made in America.
Stephen Roach, Yale University |

Post-pandemic economic leadership begins in America
No matter how big an economy, it is likely to be influenced by US economic growth, international financial stability, and monetary policy spillovers. The challenge for other countries now is to reduce America's "execution risk".
Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz |

Markets | Strategies
Should we be worried about inflation?
The impact of Covid-19 and the resulting massive worldwide government fiscal response to the crisis has sparked new discussion about the risk of an upsurge in inflation - or deflation. This is not a trivial debate.
Tim Farrelly, farrelly’s Investment Strategy |

Markets | Editor's Pick!
We will have to choose between the US and China in the 2020s
In the increasingly intense strategic and economic competition between Washington and Beijing, it's naive to think Australia can just sit on the sidelines.
Expert Panel | 0.75 CE |

Markets | Strategies | Editor's Pick!
Value investing will triumph over growth in the 2020s
The decade since the GFC has been a challenging period for value style equity investing. Not surprisingly, investors are questioning the value of value investing.
Expert Panel | 1.00 CE |

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Strategies Conference 2020 "All things considered... it's a whole new world"
We are looking forward to presenting Strategies Conference 2020 as a unique, live face-to-face and live online "hybrid" program, including at our Carriageworks campus. Mark your diary! 30 Sep to 01 Oct 2020.
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Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®)
Are you involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios?
CIMA certification is the peak, international technical portfolio construction certification program designed for investment management analysts – that is, those involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios, whether practitioner or advocate. Stand For More - more knowledge, skill and expertise - with CIMA certification.
Enrolment for the next intake closes 30 June 2020


Deglobalisation will hurt growth everywhere
The risk today of a debilitating 1930s-style overshoot in deglobalisation is massive, particularly if the US-China relationship continues to fray. And it is folly to think a retreat from globalisation will not introduce more, vastly more serious, problems.
Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University |

Markets | Strategies | Editor's Pick!
The race of our lives revisited (in a nutshell)
Climate change has moved faster than most thought possible. There will be exciting investment opportunities in companies focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Jeremy Grantham, GMO | 1.00 CE |

Strategies | Investing
Research Review: More about momentum
Despite difficult times in recent years, momentum has been the factor that has generated the highest returns over the past 50 years. Three new papers on the topic take us into largely new territory and improve our understanding on how markets operate.
Ron Bird, Investment Management Research Program | 1.00 CE |

Philosophy | Markets | Finology | Editor's Pick!
Economics has come full circle
Classical economists often incorporated human behaviour into their thinking. But in the 1960s and 1970s, homo economicus - the great rational agent of economic theory - was born. It was not until the 1990s that the link between human behaviour and economics began to be re-established.
Herman Brodie, Prospecta |

Research Review: Confirmation bias
The line between "error" and "reasonable human functioning" is remarkably vague. This Research Review focuses on a widely-cited paper that thoroughly unpacks the various concepts under the umbrella of confirmation bias.
Rob Hamshar, Portfolio Construction Forum | 1.00 CE |

Which economic stimulus works?
Governments are responding forcefully to the COVID-19 crisis with a combined fiscal and monetary response that has already reached 10% of global GDP. The key now is to increase incentives to spend.
Joseph Stiglitz & Hamid Rashid |

The Covid-19 virus and the incipient euphoric recovery
After the easy gains over the next two or three years from reopening the service sector, the US economy faces a slow decade-long recovery. US equities remain overvalued.
Woody Brock, SED |

Strategies | Investing
Crockpot: Hedge funds are an attractive diversifier
One of the touted benefits of hedge funds is that they provide returns that are largely uncorrelated with other risky assets. In practice, hedge funds returns are highly correlated to equity markets during downturns - when it matters.
Tim Farrelly, farrelly’s Investment Strategy |

Philosophy | Strategies | Editor's Pick!
5 essential portfolio construction components
Portfolio construction is multi-faceted and should be iterative. Five key components provide a framework to design quality portfolios to meet clients' objectives.
Annika Bradley, Lodrino | 1 comment |

Strategies | Finology | Editor's Pick!
Seeking alpha in a VUCA world requires whole brain approach
Although influenced by logical factors, changes in investment markets are often irrational and illogical. A whole-brain approach to seeking alpha is necessary to win in the investment game.
Philipp Hensler, Epoch Investment Partners | 0.50 CE |


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