IMAC Lecture - Client Discovery & Investment Policy Statement

Annika Bradley, CIMA  |  Lodrino

About this Lecture

This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on the fundamentals of client discovery and formulating an Investment Policy Statement in the investment consulting context including:

  • the client discovery process;
  • the key components of an Investment Policy Statement and factors that impact it;
  • developing and critiquing an appropriate investment objective;
  • the componants of the portfolio construction process;
  • developing and critiquing an Investment Policy Statement; and,
  • how information uncovered during the client discovery process can influence the portfolio construction process.

About the Lecturer

Annika Bradley, CIMA©, is a Financial Services Consultant with Londrino. She has extensive experience across investments and wealth management in both the public and private sectors across investment manager selection, design and participation in governance and investment committee structures, and product development and implementation. Previously, she was a portfolio manager with QSuper, a product manager with QIC, and a portfolio manager for Mosaic Portfolio Advisers. Annika is a member of a number of investment committees and is a Director of the CIMA Society of Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (major in Finance) and a Bachelor of Arts (majors in Political Science and Italian) from the University of Queensland. She also has a Master of Applied Finance (Major in Investment Management) from Kaplan Professional and is a Certified Investment Management Analyst.


  1.  Read the textbook chapter(s) and paper(s) listed below.
  2.  Download the slides (using the link above the video) and print them, so you can take notes as you’re listening
  3.  Watch the lecture. You can speed up or slow down the video using the settings in the control bar. If you leave the lecture part way through, note down the time because it won’t “remember” where you were when you return.
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IMAC Lecture:  Client Discovery & Investment Policy Statement

Essential reading(s)
- IABOK - Chapter 17
- IABOK - Chapter 18

Additional reading(s)
- A guide to forming an Investment Policy framework (Fairweather & Lander)
- Building Strong Foundations: Investment Beliefs (Willis Towers Watson)
- Five Essential Investment Committee Tools (Bradley)
- Investment Policy Statement (VicSuper)
- Understanding Managed Accounts - Investment Policy and Governance Framework (State Street Global Advisors)

Lecture  (0 hrs 47 min)  |  Slides (PDF)  |  Slides (Word)

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