IMAC Lecture - Manager Selection and Blending

David Wright  |  Zenith Investment Partners

About this Lecture

This lecture instructs IMAC candidates on the principles of investment manager selection and blending in portfolios including:

  • the objective and benefits of manager and investment style blending;
  • ‘deworsification’ in the context of manager and investment style blending;
  • considerations to take into account when blending managers and investment styles;
  • factor tools available to assess a manager’s investment style;
  • relative performance charecteristics of funds; and,
  • the process for effectively blending managers in a portolio.

About the Lecturer

David Wright is Managing Partner and a joint founder of Zenith Investment Partners, the managed funds research business he established in October 2002. David has overall responsibility of the business, and remains closely involved in servicing the firm’s investment consulting clients with model portfolio construction, management and monitoring advice. David has over 22 years of experience researching, assessing and rating all forms of managed investments. Prior to establishing Zenith, he held a position as Head of Research at IWL Ltd, an ASX-listed company, where he was responsible for managing a team of managed fund and equity analysts with the objective of producing investment research and ratings/recommendations for advisers and members of the firm’s retail investment website. Other prior roles included positions as Associate Director and Head of Managed Funds research at Lonsdale Limited, a national financial planning and stock broking group, and a position as an investment analyst with the Advisor Group, also a national financial planning group. David is also a former practitioner lecturer of the Securities Institute of Australia (now FINSIA).


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IMAC Lecture:  Manager Selection and Blending

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