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Friday 27 April 201

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continuing education, accreditation & certification

Forum Fodder | Friday 28 June 2019
You can never be overdressed or overeducated - Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
All the best for another week's continuing education! - Graham


Philosophy | Strategies | Investing | Finology
5 essential portfolio construction components
Portfolio construction is multi-faceted and should be iterative. Five key components provide a framework to design quality portfolios to meet clients' objectives.
Annika Bradley, Lodrino|

Facebook's Libra must be stopped
Facebook's crypto-currency aims to function as private money anywhere on the planet. Given the massive risks, governments must step in and stop it before it launches.
Katharina Pistor, Columbia Law School |

Investing beliefs, biases & behaviours
This panel considered key takeouts from Finology Summit 2019, commencing with an overview of a 2018 global study on how well financial advisers know their clients.
Expert Panel | 0.50 CE |

Markets | Strategies
Rotate to high grade defensive assets before the cycle ends
As recessionary pressures continue to build, rotating portfolios toward high grade, defensive assets will prove to be a prescient asset allocation decision for investors.
Charles Jamieson, Jamieson Coote Bonds| 0.25 CE |

Older workers support equity markets
The growing proportion and influence of older workers in the labour force will provide support for the equity market going forward.
David Buckle, Fidelity International |

The short-term vs long term conundrum
Even double the worst credit failure rates of the past 50 years will not be enough to wipe out the extra earnings from current credit spreads...
Tim Farrelly, farrelly's |


Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®)
Are you involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios?
CIMA certification is the peak, international technical portfolio construction certification program designed for investment management analysts – that is, those involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios, whether practitioner or advocate. Stand for more - more knowledge, skill and expertise - with CIMA certification.
Enrolment closes next week - find out more

Strategies Conference | 21-22 August 2019 | 13 to 23 CE/CPD hours
20/20 vision: You can spot financial bubbles before they burst
Vikram Mansharamani first gained widespread attention with his book Boombustology. His "five armed analyst" is a framework to meld insights from and across five disciplines - microeconomics, macroeconomics, psychology, politics and biology - to identify and decipher bubbles before they burst.
Registration opens next week. Mark your diary! Wed-Thu 21-22 Aug 2019


Unconventional thinking about unconventional monetary policy
The critics of QE are right to warn of unintended consequences. But shunning QE may also have unintended consequences. The critics should be careful what they wish for.
Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley |

Markets | Investing
Research Review: SRI, ESG and controversial investing
SRI funds perform as well as conventional funds; ESG equity investing has outperformed in the US; and, controversial stocks do best in economic crises.
Ron Bird, Investment Management Research Program |1.00 CE|

The Big Five: A new path to improving client service
Five major personality traits explain much of the behavioural differences between individuals - linking to financial outcomes, and preferences for advice.
Herman Brodie, Prospecta Limited | 0.50 CE |

Emerging market investing requires patience to succeed
While EM equities returns have been disappointing in recent years, but the stark rise of populism in the west may be an opportunity for many emerging economies.
Thomas Vester, LGM Investments | 0.25 CE |

Markets | Investing
Climate change - Business transition risk and opportunities
Much of the discussion around climate change and transition risks is focused on negative impacts, but these changes offer significant opportunities for some businesses.
Colonial First State Global Asset Management |

Are rate rises the problem to focus on?
I think a more serious risk in corporate bonds is a deterioration in credit conditions amid slowing economic conditions and with high corporate indebtedness...
Julian McCormack, Platinum Asset Management |

Has a no-deal Brexit become more likely?
If you believe the UK is turning into populist Zimbabwe or Venezuela, you should expect a no-deal Brexit. Otherwise, forget about it.
Anatole Kaletsky, Gavekal Dragonomics |
More | 1 comment

Markets | Investing
Corporate debt the next bubble to pop?
Investment grade debt has become much riskier, default rates will rise when interest rates begin the inevitable normalisation, and credit spreads are too low – it’s a bubble waiting to burst. Actually, no.
Tim Farrelly, farrelly's Investment Strategy |
More | 3 comments

Philosophy | Strategies | Finology
Segment retirement expenses to create retirement buckets
Retirement bucket strategies tie specific expenses to specific portfolios. But looking at categories of spending doesn't necessarily work. A better approach is to segment spending within each category.
Michael Kitces, Pinnacle Advisory Group |

Strategies | Finology
Beliefs, biases and behaviours drive retirement solutions
A myriad of factors - psychological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural - impact a client’s financial independence during decumulation, demanding different investment solutions.
Robert DeChellis, Allianz Retire+ Powered by PIMCO | 0.50 CE |

The New Neutral is a long-term global reality
Recent central bank decisions have strengthened the conviction that the New Neutral is a global reality which will have long-term implications on investment decisions.
Rob Mead, PIMCO | 0.25 CE |

Population growth
So much for doing anything about housing affordability. And it will also add substantial volatility to housing prices. Property investors may cheer in the short-term, but just wait until the RBA next need to tighten interest rates...
Tim Farrelly, farrelly's |


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