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The Magnificent 7 drove markets higher in 2023, accounting for roughly 60% of the S&P500’s 26% return last year. These seven stocks now account for a record 33% of the S&P500’s total market capitalisation. Their market cap is roughly equivalent to the combined value of the UK, Japanese, and Canadian equity markets. The technology sector has now eclipsed its all-time high relative to the S&P 500, exceeding its dot.com bubble highs. So this begs the question – is this a bubble and what is the risk of another tech wreck? In fact, this is not a case of history repeating itself. Stock performance has largely been driven by earnings growth, and valuations are at reasonable levels, vastly different to the dot.com era. And, the outlook remains positive with AI driven spending likely to support earnings growth over the next few years. In short, the technology sector remains an attractive investment opportunity over the next three to five years.