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Managing risk and preserving capital are too important to be left to the trading strategies used for many financial products. From the first approach through to final approval, private debt requires a lender to have strong relationships with borrowers, a deep understanding of their businesses, informed risk assessments, and legally binding contracts with terms and conditions that protect investor capital and generate income. These same mechanisms help the borrower and lender weather storms to their mutual advantage. Few of these steps are present in public market trading strategies, leaving investors exposed at a time when quantitative easing has inflated the price and risk of other asset classes. Private debt prices in this risk and allows you to offer investors the capital protection they deserve.

Private debt essential to modern investment portfolios. If the end objective is an attractive risk-adjusted return, then private debt is the means to get there.

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With the official cash rate near zero, it's time to head back to the drawing board to find a more consistent source of income. Private debt provides a compelling alternative source of income in a portfolio.

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With higher returns than term deposits, and less risk than hybrids and equities, corporate loans add up to an attractive alternative in a potentially rising interest rates environment.

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