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Active fund groups with the right combination of culture, technology and philosophy enable investors to protect and grow their capital in a complex world.

Even the most skillful active managers will sometimes underperform. And, in some market environments, most active managers can be expected to underperform.

Share repurchases have recently been receiving a lot of press, much of it critical. We see dividends and share repurchases as equal ways of returning excess free cash flow to business owners.

If "The Power of Zero" were a movie, we've just watched the end. The great rotation out of bonds has begun and the beneficiaries will be cash, property, and equities.

Are the policy proposals of Prime Minister Abe a signal to re-orient portfolios to Japan?

The spotlight turned to global equities - key scenarios, risks and opportunities for the coming three years - and the portfolio construction implications.

Every policy maker in the world is joining in the chorus of "Start Me Up." Woe to the investor who doesn't listen.

Despite a sluggish US economy, drift toward recession in Europe, and China slowdown, global monetary policy means equities will continue to outshine bonds.

How ironic that the former safe havens of bonds and income-oriented equities now stand accused of being 'crowded trades' - the new bubbles...

The 2012-2014 outlook for the global emerging market equity markets, risks and opportunities, and the portfolio construction implications...