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With macro uncertainty from slower growth prospects, elevated inflation, and still hawkish central banks, investors need to look beyond such VUCA noise and the immediately available information, to align investments with global megatrends. They are changing the investment landscape and shifting the direction of investment capital. It’s vital to keep a long-term orientation in investment philosophy, with a focus on quality growth companies that are well positioned to benefit from secular themes of changing demographics, tapping into the growing need of healthcare, leisure, financial planning, beauty, tourism for aging, and living-longer societies. Innovation is the silver lining, fuelling the next stage of corporate growth through increased automation driving productivity efficiency, leveraging on the reshoring trends and digitalisation, and connecting consumers to benefit from the rise of the middle-class’ purchasing power, particularly in emerging markets. Sustainability is at the core of future societies. By channelling investments in companies with sustainable practices, heightened by environmental and social conscience, investors can seize opportunities in transitioning economies.

Investing and engaging for change, committing to tackling the climate-related risks that threaten the future of the planet is our duty or our future ain't what it used to be!

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