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Higher bond yields don’t automatically translate to higher returns because yield is not free money, it is compensation for risk. Therefore, those constructing portfolios must understand the nuances of bond risk/return drivers and how bond market performance can be impacted by different macro scenarios. Forecasting the macro outlook is difficult at the best of times and perhaps near impossible in the current high VUCA environment. The silver lining is that fixed income offers lesser-known return sources that are independent of the macro outlook, which means opportunities abound for those willing to look beyond the conventional, dig into some of the complexity, and reorientate their portfolios accordingly.

Easy money in credit markets is gone, and corporate bonds face more risk for less return. Structural liquidity deterioration raises a black swan risk of a disorderly sell-off spilling into other markets.

Gopi Karunakaran | 0.25 CE

Re-evaluate the conventional assumption that owning government bonds is inherently defensive and risk diversifying. At best, it's an expensive choice and at worst, it won't work.

Simply holding bonds no longer diversifies an investment portfolio, with genuine risk diversification better achieved by exploiting currently under-priced risk premia in volatility and inflation markets.

Gopi Karunakaran | 0.25 CE