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Pippa picked up where she left off in her opening keynote, tying the Markets Summit 2015 proceedings together, summarising her key takeouts, and their implications for portfolios.

Economic signals are everywhere. By being alert to signals, anyone can start to navigate through the turbulence of the world economy.

In theory, recent currency devaluations should make EM countries more competitive. But they're also facing a technological jump that they may not be able to keep up with.

The export of inflation by the US can do far more damage to China's effort to become a self-sufficient superpower than almost anything else the US could have thought of.

The recent Jackson Hole Federal Reserve Conference was my 10th or 11th. I saw a fascinating disconnect between policymakers and the markets.

Like people, economies and markets have lifecycles. This global macro economic, geopolitical and market scene setter looks at where we are in the macro lifecycle and implications for portfolios.

Cyberspace is the new frontier and just like the old Wild West, bullets (albeit electronic ones) are flying. It is a big learning curve for investors.

Pippa offers her unique insights and takeouts from program.

Germany will not consider leaving the Eurozone unless the Euro threatens price stability. But this is a real risk.

To make money in the next year, you have got to think in reverse. When it all boils down, there are really only two assets in the world economy.

We're facing a very complicated, rich and interesting landscape. For investors, distinguishing the woods from the trees is going to be very difficult - but will pay well because of that difficulty...