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It’s the year of the vote. A record-breaking 40-plus countries - some two billion people (more than 40% of the world’s population) representing over 60% of global GDP - will hold national elections in 2024, more in a single year than ever before. Yet authoritarianism and illiberal ideas are on the march globally, driven by the rise of strongman autocrats such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, and identity politics in the West. In such an environment, deglobalisation of the world economy, which accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic, seems set to continue, exacerbated by supply chain challenges that echo past lessons unlearned. In the context of a challenging environment for liberal democratic societies, investors must understand the geopolitical, social and economic forces influencing the outlook for investment markets. This panel session features three investment experts, each offering and debating a high conviction thesis on a long-term, deep rooted structural change impacting markets over a decade or more: