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While some still firmly believe that values and ethics have no part to play in investing, the tide is turning. Values play a vital role in investment and business decisions - and, increasingly, investors care about more than just financial returns.

Portfolio insurance - invented over 40 years ago - has experienced the renaissance that it very much deserves. Trend (momentum) investing dates back over 40 years, too - the success of which is traced back in this paper to over 100 years.

Ron Bird | 1.00 CE

Two recent studies provide evidence that issues unrelated to the fundamental operation of a firm impact their market valuation.

Ron Bird | 1.00 CE

While some still firmly believe that ethics has nothing to do with investment, the tide is turning. Increasingly, clients are demanding ethical portfolios.

Clare Payne | 0.25 CE

Managers must both develop and implement an investment process - but we seem to be determined to deny them recognition for the former and to judge their performance on the latter.

Ron Bird | 0.50 CE

Game theory, econometrics and distributed computing power can reveal a client's true preferences for risk, loss, uncertainty, time and goals – with scientific precision and in terms that clients can understand.

Two recent studies shed light on retirement income planning. One proposes a framework to avoid the pitfalls of shortfall probabilities. The other finds biological age impacts spending rates.

Will Jackson | 1.00 CE

Observing how a client makes financial trade-offs can provide a more accurate measure of their risk preferences than if we ask questions about what they think they would do.

Can clients easily change their behaviour? The theory of planned behaviour can help to promote real change and convert intentions into outcomes.

Joanne Earl | 1.00 CE

It is time to properly account for risk characteristics of client’s most valuable asset - their human capital. This isn’t easy to implement and places practitioners in a difficult situation...

Moshe Milevsky | 1.00 CE

The key to influencing investors is to have the right mindset, build the right skillset and apply the right toolset.

A formal, written spending policy can help investors focus on what's really important - will they meet their goals?

Tim Farrelly | 0.25 CE

This workshop will help you develop a clear, communicable, logical and understandable investment philosophy, deciding what's important and what's not.

Clients benefit from understanding the investment journey. Having prepared responses to scenarios improves the chance of success.

Our panel discusses the steady stream of disruption around the delivery of financial advice.

Panel | 0.25 CE

Can clients easily change their behaviour? The theory of planned behaviour can help to promote real change and convert intentions into outcomes.

Joanne Earl | 1.00 CE

The key trait for relating to investors in the future will be the one skill that our brains are not programmed to receive from a computer - empathy.

Michael Kitces | 0.50 CE

Strong winds of change are blowing - we appear to be entering a new age of populist and economic nationalism. What does it all mean for the outlook for the markets?

Regulatory tailwinds, fee pressure, unbridled experimentation around the delivery of advice - it's a steady stream of disruption. Ironically, technology is both our poison and antidote.

Stig Nybo | 0.50 CE

Practitioners need to move away from a focus on simple performance towards holistic client management. The industry needs to change, rebuilding trust with better diversity and transparency.