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The impact investing market will be worth US$1 trillion in coming decades. It is important for practitioners to realise the impact that their client's capital can have on society.

While some still firmly believe that ethics has nothing to do with investment, the tide is turning. Increasingly, clients are demanding ethical portfolios.

Clare Payne | 0.25 CE

To outperform the market you have to invest in something different. Investment returns are best captured through the exploitation of anomalies – the truly different mispriced opportunities.

Paul Moore | 0.50 CE

In the US, institutional investors have a significant impact on future stock performance. Extending this research globally shows that ownership signals can supplement a traditional factor model and improve long/short performance.

Jason Liu | 0.25 CE

With higher returns than term deposits, and less risk than hybrids and equities, corporate loans add up to an attractive alternative in a potentially rising interest rates environment.

Andrew Lockhart | 0.25 CE

For a portfolio’s position to add up robustly, it must reflect future risks and respond to how these change through time.

Susan Gosling | 0.50 CE

Investment managers around the world believe their style is the holy grail of generating returns ahead of the market. But you can’t beat the market using a simple rules-based strategy.

Blake Henricks | 0.25 CE

China's digital economy will soon surpass that of the US. MSCI A Share inclusion in 2018 will allow foreign investors to participate in China's fast growing e-commerce sector.

Mansfield Mok | 0.25 CE

Investment in a well diversified and risk controlled mix of Risk Premium strategies is essential to building a robust portfolio through good times and bad.

Philip Seager | 0.50 CE

Xi Jinping would like to oversee China’s rise to regional dominance - but the US, Japan and India will not allow China alone to dominate the region.

Linda Jakobson | 0.25 CE

Constructing portfolios that capture the upside while limiting the downside is more important than ever. Derivatives can help multi-asset investors in three key ways.

David Jubb | 0.50 CE

With over 160 ETFs trading on the ASX, selecting the right ETF has become far more challenging. A simple yet effective due diligence framework is needed to assess suitability.

Jonathan Howie | 0.50 CE

Emerging markets infrastructure plays a powerful role in a portfolio. However many investors make assumptions around the risk of these markets and ignore them to their detriment.

Charles Hamieh | 0.50 CE

An active portfolio of high-quality Australian companies paying sustainable dividends is part of the solution to protect living standards against income shocks and inflation.

Reece Birtles | 0.50 CE

Introducing an active global credit investment into portfolios adds to an investor's opportunity set, and can offer alpha opportunities.

Samantha Lamb | 0.25 CE

Managing carbon risk within portfolios is increasingly a decision integral to risk management and the pursuit of superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Domenico Giuliano | 0.50 CE

Six key factors differentiate exceptional companies from their peers. These all add up to a business that generates exceptional returns for extended periods of time.

Kate Howitt | 0.25 CE

Portfolio construction must stay relevant. While traditional country and sector allocations may have worked in the past, today's new environment requires a global and flexible approach.

Andy Budden | 0.50 CE

There are many risks and uncertainties as retired clients face the next 20 to 40 years. The uncertainty related to the period of retirement can be allowed for, to enable retirees to have a higher living standard during their retirement years.

Managers must both develop and implement an investment process - but we seem to be determined to deny them recognition for the former and to judge their performance on the latter.

Ron Bird | 0.50 CE