Each year, PortfolioConstruction Conference features a core, 13-hour independent plenary program. It is interspersed twice daily with six concurrent Due Diligence Forum sessions, delivering research papers developed for Conference by our carefully selected Partners...

Due Diligence Forum speaker

Peter Constable
Chief Investment Officer
MMC Asset Management

Due Diligence Forum summary

When equity markets start generating returns significantly above long term-averages, risk has a tendency to be mispriced. What are the consequences for high conviction absolute value managers when risk is eventually repriced? Do they necessarily attract more risk and is this risk permanent or passing? Is diversification a benefit or handicap?

This session examines the benefits of concentrated portfolio management and the value that an absolute return focus adds to this strategy. It addresses issues such as risk (loss of capital versus standard deviation), diversification and argues the benefits that a concentrated, absolute value-based fund can bring to an investor's overall portfolio.


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