Each year, PortfolioConstruction Conference features a core, 13-hour independent plenary program. It is interspersed twice daily with six concurrent Due Diligence Forum sessions, delivering research papers developed for Conference by our carefully selected Partners...

Due Diligence Forum speaker

Nick Goh
Snr Dir, Corporate Finance & Equity Capital Markets
Allco Finance Group

Due Diligence Forum summary

Worldwide, the number of aircraft is expected to double over the next 20 years. The ship Emma Maersk can carry 11,000 20-foot containers – a train carrying that load would be 71 km long. An industry which has an annual turnover in excess of $750bn that can provide superior risk-adjusted returns with low correlation compared to ‘traditional’ investments and has predictable cash flows cannot be ignored.

Despite having the above attributes, operating leases over transport assets are one of the best kept secrets in the alternative asset space. How are assets and liabilities matched and how they can be used to create stable income streams for your clients?


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