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facilitating debate on the markets, strategies and investing


From 2017, instead of the two-day Symposium in Auckland each May, our NZ members have choice across five program days including the one-day, by invitation-only Masterclass NZ in Auckland in June, for a strictly limited number of senior investment practitioners.

Mark Your Diary! Masterclass NZ 2017 (22 June, Auckland). Meanwhile, enjoy the Symposium 2016 Resources Kit!

Graham Rich, Publisher

Past programs

Symposium 2016


Facilitating debate on the markets, strategies and investing;
Pay attention to geo-politics when making investment decisions
Ride the cycle but structural weakness will come to matter more
Time to sell short beneficiaries of the US high yield debt bubble
Going negative - rethink investing in a world of low returns
Secular stagnation or inflection point? The post-crisis world in historical perspective
The risk of inflation will rise
Quality is a critical factor in constructing portfolios
In a period of sustained sluggishness, quality companies are key
China’s rapid growth is unsustainable
It’s the end of EU-rope as we know it
Don’t believe what you hear – this is a high return environment
The Great Debate
How to determine your key takeouts from day one - the markets
How to identify retirement resources that matter
Think differently to find sustainable, secure sources of income
Currency is the ultimate alternative
You can reach portfolio goals despite negative interest rates
Right now inflation is the most important macro indicator
Size does matter when investing in India's growth
Today’s risk profiling puts us all at risk
How not to be blindsided by the retirement investment challenge
How to develop a robust retirement spending policy

Resources Kit

Symposium 2015


Facilitating debate on the markets, strategies and investing; The global economy is firing on all cylinders; Desperate central banks are causing Polyanna asset prices; China’s property bubble is set to burst; The patient is out, but the doctor is (all) in; Get used to low interest rates; House prices are a blunder of our governments; Don’t ignore the tech sector for growth investing; Oil price moves are a cyclical risk, adding volatility to markets; Investing in NZ is a big challenge; Portfolio construction implications panel 1 - Markets; NZ is not a rock star economy (will it ever be?); Economic growth is the answer, not the problem; Portfolio construction implications panel 2 - NZ Economy; Asset allocation will dominate portfolio returns in the years ahead; Historic accumulation/decumulation models won’t work in future; Risk and return – not as tight a link as we’ve been taught; Key Takeouts Workshop - The Markets; All is not lost in preserving yield in a low-yield environment; Small Caps are an essential risk diversifier; Engaging NZ companies on governance will improve outcomes; NZ fixed interest – picking the highest yield is not enough; Multi-manager global equity portfolios needn’t be low active share; Harness India's growth by investing before the crowd; Key Takeouts Workshop - Strategies & Investing; Portfolio construction of the future will focus on 3 risk buckets; Stress testing for DIMS; Mastering your Key Takeouts and professional positioning.

Resources Kit

Symposium 2014


Challenging your portfolio construction beliefs; What a wonderful world - around the world in 60 minutes; The Great Unwind; Capitalism: Bruised but still champion; Is regulation good or bad for investment markets?; Implementing the modern portfolio - in theory & in practice; Has behavioural finance made us better (investors)?; How to judge the likelihood that a manager will or has added value; Using risk factors to evaluate investments and build portfolios; Developing your investment philosophy; The Great Debate - A multi-dimensional view of portfolio risk; Where investing meets investors - constructing portfolios using buckets, diversifying human and financial capital, and the Withdrawal Policy Statement; As global markets calm, be ever mindful of the risks; US will surprise on the upside; The risk tolerance paradox; Popping the bonnet on central banks; Investing in global bonds - a smarter way; and, Valuations matter – the effect on portfolio risk and return outcomes.

Resources Kit

Symposium 2013


Building portfolios in a brave new world - Huxley Redux; Climbing the mother of all walls – stay positive; Winning by not losing – defensive equity strategies; Boomers, herding, denial and zeitgeist; ETFs – the top 5 portfolio strategy considerations; Rethinking bond investment in an uncertain world; Perspectives on blending active and index products; An all-encompassing approach to emerging markets; Diversification – when it works, when it doesn’t; A risk parity approach to building portfolios; The outlook for global economic risk; Australasia in the Pacific Century; Capital preservation in a rising interest rate environment; What does an elevated Equity Risk Premium mean for investing?; The way forward for NZ listed property; Meeting the longevity challenge; Understanding retirement sequencing risk; Portfolio construction key takeouts panel.

Resources Kit

Symposium 2012

The world economy at a crossroads; Portfolio construction 2.0; Direct vs managed debt portfolios; Building better active global shares portfolios; If you are taking extra risk, make sure you are being paid for it; To hedge or not to hedge; Global investment markets outlook - investing through the seasons; A risk premium approach to strategic asset allocation; Infrastructure investing through the macroeconomic cycle; Passive versus active equity portfolios; Building portfolios in the real world.

Resources Kit




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