Challenging beliefs to inform better quality portfolios

Hosted at the end of March, April, May, June, July and September, each All Things Considered program features two topics that are designed to be relevant to all wealth management professionals. All Forum members are very welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Prior sessions

Self-awareness has been hailed as one of the most important meta-skills of the 21st century. In an investment advice context, both advisers and clients benefit from engaging in activities that promote its development.

Rob Hamshar | 0.50 CE

With several catalysts impacting on the Australian advice landscape, we are seeing a resurgence back to centrally developed investment portfolio construction solutions - but the approach differs to history.

David Hutchison | 0.75 CE

Many investment professionals are typically quite skilled at manipulation, so those researching their funds need to protect themselves against manipulation as they conduct their due diligence.

Herman Brodie | 1.00 CE

Emotions generated in the media by way of the words used in turn influence investors decisions, providing the foundation for a highly profitable investment process.

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