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Forum Fodder | Friday 22 May 2020
Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.
- Bruce Lee (1940-1973)
All the best for another week's continuing education! - Graham
P.S. Researchers at Macquarie University are comparing the effects of job design, COVID-19, and the Financial Services Royal Commission on workplace exit. To learn more and participate, click HERE. Participation closes Wednesday 03 June.


Markets | Investing
The digital path to citizen-centric finance
The 2020s must be a "decade of action". By harnessing the disruptive potential of fintech, we can create a fairer, more inclusive financial system that propels sustainable development everywhere.
Maria Ramos & Achim Steiner, UN Secretary-General Task Force |

Markets | Investing
Vision matters – but so does implementation (revisited)
A year ago, I showed it's possible to measure prediction accuracy for active managers, and that it influences optimal portfolio construction. Is this still a valid approach to portfolio construction, given today's markets?
Jim Creighton, CreightonAI |

Finology | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Finology Summit 2020
In investing, the human factor is crucial
Used responsibly, artificial intelligence can help us make wiser decisions as investors and capital allocators and help us work towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.
Paras Anand, Fidelity International | 0.50 CE |

Markets | Investing | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2020
Property securities market risk premia to persist
Low inflationary outcomes and very low interest rates are expected to remain in place for some time. REITs have resisted the attraction of cheap credit and will continue to provide a safe haven.
Stephen Hayes, First Sentier Investors | 0.50 CE |

Markets | Strategies | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2020
It doesn’t make sense to pay too much for negative correlation
The world has checked into Hotel California – interest rates are failing to stimulate demand and monetary policy is less effective. Successful adaptation will require a re-think of traditional strategic asset allocation approaches.
Justin Tyler, Daintree Capital | 0.25 CE |

Finology | Invitation to investment advisers
Complimentary survey to benchmark your Client Care & Practice knowledge and skills
FASEA requires that financial advisers continually improve their client care and practice knowledge and skills - doing so makes obvious business sense, as well. Our new Finology Benchmarking Indices (FBI) is the only benchmarking tool for this area of knowledge and skill - and it's complimentary to our investment adviser members while we continue to develop the service.
Take the Finology Benchmarking Indices survey


Strategies Conference 2020 "All things considered... it's a whole new world"
We are looking forward to presenting Strategies Conference 2020 as a unique, live face-to-face and live online "hybrid" program, including at our Carriageworks campus. Mark your diary! 30 Sep to 01 Oct 2020.
Meanwhile "attend" Strategies Conference 2019 - 20/20 vision

Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®)
Are you involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios?
CIMA certification is the peak, international technical portfolio construction certification program designed for investment management analysts – that is, those involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios, whether practitioner or advocate. Stand for more - more knowledge, skill and expertise - with CIMA certification.
Find out more and enrol now!

May 2020

Portfolio Construction Forum Research Roundtable
Focusing on an actively-managed global hybrid real assets strategy, with the US-based portfolio managers participating.
Wednesday 27 May / Thursday 28 May | Live webinar | By invitation

Tobacco Free Portfolios' High-Level Webinar for #WorldNoTobaccoDay
Financial organisations are increasingly focused on global health, with COVID-19 and tobacco proving to be an especially dangerous combination.
Wednesday 27 May | Live webinar | Find out more & register

The Funding Network & Wayside Chapel virtual event
Hear about three of Wayside's innovative and life-changing programs that have been adapted to best help people in crisis throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wednesday 27 May | Live online event|  Find out more & register


The threat of enfeebled great powers
The COVID-19 crisis augurs three watersheds: the end of Europe’s integration project; the end of a united, functional America; and, the end of the implicit social compact between the Chinese state and its citizens.
Arvind Subramanian | 1 comment |

Making the best of a post-pandemic world
The global economy will be shaped in the years ahead by three trends. While COVID-19 reinforces and entrenches them, it is not the primary force driving them. All three predate the pandemic. The fate of the world economy hinges not on what the virus does, but on how we choose to respond.
Dani Rodrik, Harvard University |

Markets | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2020
Global elites are failing in a high VUCA world
Many of the discussions at Davos this year revealed that global elites are struggling to respond to important economic and environmental challenges, in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.
Dambisa Moyo | 0.25 CE | 1 comment |

Strategies | Finology | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Finology Summit 2020
Asset allocation processes need to protect us from ourselves
As we scramble to make sense of occurrences such as coronavirus and climate change, the application of prior cultivated imagination can preserve the integrity of investment decision making.
Grant Mizens, MLC Asset Management | 0.50 CE |

Strategies | Finology | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Finology Summit 2020
Behavioural biases are an opportunity to meet client objectives
Over shorter periods of time, there are market inefficiencies due to well researched behavioural biases. Knowledge of these can help improve our own investment decision making and that of our clients.
Dan Farley, State Street Global Advisors | 0.25 CE |

The case for deeply negative interest rates
For those who viewed negative interest rates as a bridge too far for central banks, it might be time to think again. Emergency implementation of deeply negative interest rates would not solve all of today's problems. But it would be a start.
Professor Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University |

Philosophy | Finology | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Finology Summit 2020
Focus your sustainability efforts on clients not managers
Refocusing sustainable investing efforts onto client values and beliefs starts a chain reaction that delivers sustainable outcomes for clients and long-lasting relationships.
Tassos Stassopoulos, Trinetra Investment Management | 0.50 CE |

Markets | Strategies | As seen at Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2020
Data, models, and pre-mortem scenarios can help manage VUCA
Mapping out scenarios is a must to check your biases and challenge your own, others' and consensus views, to generate investment ideas that help manage VUCA and target the right opportunities.
Libby Cantrill and Rob Mead, PIMCO | 0.25 CE |

Markets | Investing | Finology
Research Review: How good are the gurus?
The funds management industry has spawned a lot of gurus. This research paper looks at whether market forecasters are any good at what they do.
Ron Bird, Investment Management Research Program | 1.00 CE  |

Philosophy | Finology
On the importance of experimentation
Practitioners are often reluctant to adopt new solutions because of high risk. "If it has never been done, how do you know it works?". But failure to try new approaches can mean missed opportunities.
Maroš Servátka, Macquarie University | 2 comments |


Forum CE Library - over 530 CE/CPD hours
Complimentary for all Forum members, the Forum's online CE Library offers over 530 CE/CPD hours of accredited learning resources, to help members meet the CE/CPD requirements of 16 governing bodies (regulators, associations, and institutes) - including ASIC, APRA, FASEA, AFA, and FPA and CIMA CE/CPD requirements, to name a few.

CIMA CE Library - over 70 CE hours
This subset of the full Forum CE Library features just those learning resources that are accredited for CIMA CE hours, so CIMA certificants can more easily find learning resources to meet their recertification obligation (at the same time as the CE/CPD requirements of other governing bodies e.g. ASIC, APRA, FASEA, etc). 


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