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Portfolio Construction Forum | 05 November 2021

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Forum Fodder | Friday 05 November 2021
“It is time to taper, we think, because the economy has achieved substantial further progress toward our goals, measured from last December. We don’t think it’s time yet to raise interest rates… We think we can be patient.” - US Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell (3 November 2021)
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Is multilateralism a fig leaf?
International organisations are currently plagued by allegations of powerful states wielding undue influence over outcomes. But their clout does not render multilateralism impossible.
Professor Ngaire Woods, Oxford University | Read

Markets | Strategies | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

Economists Roundtable: 3 economic and market scenarios are the means to the end
Three economists describe and debate three plausible, forward-looking economic and market scenarios that have a reasonable probability of occurring during the next two to three years.
Andrew Hunt, Dominique Dwor-Frecaut, John McDermott | 0.75 CE | Read, Watch, Listen

Markets | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

Asset Allocation Roundtable: Designing portfolios for scenarios is critical to the end
Our hypothetical Investment Committee considers three relevant economic and market scenarios which have a reasonable probability of occurring, and the asset allocation implications of each.
Anne Anderson, Jacob Mitchell, Julian McCormack, Rob Mead, Tim Farrelly, Angela Ashton | 1.25 CE | Read, Watch, Listen

Markets | Strategies | Investing | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

Net-Zero should change your thinking about Infrastructure now
Infrastructure plays a key role in the move towards decarbonisation and net-zero emissions. Government policy support and the unprecedented amount of capital required to achieve these targets should change how you think about investing in infrastructure.
Nick Langley, ClearBridge Investments | 0.50 CE | Read, Watch, Listen

Strategies | Investing | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

Active long biased equity is core to meeting client goals
Investors should view long biased, long short equity as a core solution, dedicating a meaningful slice to portfolios, rather than being constrained by traditional equity/debt buckets.
Andrew Clifford, Platinum Asset Management | 0.50 CE | Read, Watch, Listen

Philosophy | Portfolio Construction Forum proudly supports The Wayside Chapel

Eyes Wide Open
There is nothing more clear-sighted than love. It is wide awake and sees beyond the illusion and outward appearances, and with all of its blemishes, goes straight to the heart.​…
Jon Owen, Wayside Chapel | Read

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Complimentary self-assessment to benchmark your Client Care & Practice knowledge and skills
FASEA requires that financial advisers continually improve their client care and practice knowledge and skills - doing so makes obvious business sense, as well. Our new Finology Benchmarking Indices (FBI) self assessment tool helps you benchmark your investing biases, beliefs and behaviours versus peers, to further empower your “client care and practice” knowledge and skills. It’s complimentary to our members who give investment advice, while we continue to develop it.
Portfolio Construction Forum | 0.50 CE | Take the FBI self-assessment



Markets Summit 2022 "The best offense is a great defense!
AEDT Wed 23 Feb 2022
Established in 2009, Markets Summit is THE investment markets scene setter of the year. The one-day program features 20+ leading investment thinkers - geopolitical specialists, economists, market/asset class experts, and investment strategists - from around the world, offering their best high conviction ideas on the drivers of and outlook for the markets (on a three- to five-year view) in the context of the theme - and the implications for portfolios.
Join us at our live studio, a live-site, or via livestream | 7-11 CE | Mark Your Diary! 23 Feb 2022

Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®)

Stand for More in 2022! Are you involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios?
CIMA certification is the peak, international technical portfolio construction certification program designed for investment management analysts – that is, those involved in any aspect of constructing multi-manager portfolios, whether practitioner or advocate. Stand For More - more knowledge, skill and expertise - with CIMA certification.
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The great supply-chain massacre
Just as banks needed to increase their equity buffers after 2008, we perhaps now need to step back from just-in-time production and redefine productivity in light of supply-chain risks.
Diane Coyle, University of Cambridge | Read


The Long View: The peak in peaks
As we enter the final quarter of 2021, the din of market sceptics continues. The narrative has now broadened beyond peak economic and earnings growth, however, to include peak everything.
Jeff Schulze, ClearBridge Investments | 0.50 CE | Read

Markets | Strategies | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

It’s time for investments to move towards the next economy
Capital markets will be shaped profoundly as the economy transitions from a depletive economic model to a more sustainable one. Such transitions will inevitably create winners and losers.
David Li, Impax Asset Management | 0.50 CE | Read, Watch, Listen

Markets | Finology

Research Review: Narrative economics and Covid-19
Covid-19 is a situation in which an actual virus - as well as new narratives related to it and its associated consequences - began spreading at the same time, with major economic consequences.
Rob Hamshar, Portfolio Construction Forum | 2.00 CE | Read


The inflation catch-up game
After initially and persistently misreading US inflation dynamics, more Fed officials are now starting to come to grips with the situation. The Fed would be well advised to catch up even faster.
Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz | Read

Markets | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

The inflation bubble will be deflated
Will current elevated levels be sustained? Not likely. Post Covid-19, secular factors such as debt levels and demographics provide even stronger headwinds against inflation than the preceding decade ever did.
Chris Siniakov, Franklin Templeton | 0.50 CE | Watch, Listen

Philosophy | Strategies | Finology | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

Better retirement solutions are the means to the end
As the Baby Boomer generation continues to transition to retirement and life expectancies rise, portfolio construction practitioners must ensure retirement solutions meet client goals right to the end of their days.
Adrian Stewart, David Richardson, Iain McCombie, Richard Dinham, Susan Thorp | 1.00 CE | Watch, Listen

Philosophy | Strategies | As seen at Strategies Conference 2021

The future of investing is in creating wealth and well-being
Investors should consider the real-world impact of their investments and build portfolios aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a means to building clients’ wealth, and improving well-being.
Erik Keller, Robeco | 0.50 CE | Read, Watch, Listen


Research Review: The adequacy of retirement income systems
While the retirement income system is designed to accommodate all individuals, the real test is its adequacy for the poor. These two papers address this issue for both Australia and the US.
Ron Bird, Australian National University & Portfolio Construction Forum | 1.00 CE | Read


Crockpot: Japan is different!
Thanks Tim, this really addresses the elephant in the room when considering macro matters…
Mark Hayden, Hayden Financial Services | Read

Philosophy | Markets | Strategies | Finology

Macro matters: In the end, the macro matters for portfolios
Loved this discussion. Some interesting points which will dictate investment decisions and ESG investing considerations.
Binesh Seetanah, Future Super | Read


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