On The Hunt: Ethical behaviour profiling

Katherine Hunt  |  Ardentura Consulting  |  15 November 2023  |  1.00 CE

About this Lecture

This lecture argues that client behaviour profiling should be a critical first step of the financial advice process. It examines why ethical client profiling - leveraging off psychology, behavioural finance, ethics, and the financial advice process - is necessary to successfully deliver consistent, positive client outcomes. You will have access to essential and supplemental reading materials providing background and context to the views of experts regarding client profiling, personality and investment performance, philosophy, and behavioural biases. By...

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Led by behavioural finance expert, Herman Brodie, the Behavioural Finance - Investment Decision-Making course will help you identify, analyse and evaluate the principal human preferences that influence decision-making in situations of uncertainty, so you can recognise and identify these preferences in others, to improve investment decision-making.