farrelly’s Spotlight

Available to all farrelly’s subscribers, Spotlight is an ocassional publication that provides in-depth coverage of subjects that are of interest to long-term investors but not all that well covered by mainstream research providers. It attempts to debunk some of the many myths that enjoy currency in the investment world.

Like the Dynamic Asset Allocation Service, farrelly’s Spotlight aims to be evidence-based, long-term in orientation, written in plain English - and, above all, useful for investment decision makers.

What's new with our live and on-demand continuing education, accreditation and certification programs.

Led by behavioural finance expert, Herman Brodie, the Behavioural Finance - Investment Decision-Making course will help you identify, analyse and evaluate the principal human preferences that influence decision-making in situations of uncertainty, so you can recognise and identify these preferences in others, to improve investment decision-making.