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Finology Summit is THE behavioural finance (and much, much more) program of the year.  In our society, it’s critical that every individual has a clear perspective about money, and the role that it plays in their present and future well-being. But money means different things to different people. People also have different perspectives on money, based on their experiences. Finology explores the relationship between human beings and money in our society. It is the emerging (and converging) research field covering the study of minds, customs and behaviours with respect to money. It incorporates behavioural finance and much, much more.

Our particular passion for finology is as it applies to the giving and receiving of quality investment advice - where investing meets investors.

Finology Summit will further improve the way you relate with individual investors - and/or help others who must do so.

Mark your diary! Finology Summit 2019 (20 Feb). Meanwhile, "attend" Finology Summit 2017 online!

Graham Rich, Publisher

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Who is it suited to?

Finology Summit is relevant to all wealth management professionals who have a responsibility to relate directly with individual investors (or who must understand and influence how others do so).

Why is it different?

Like all Portfolio Construction Forum programs, Finology Summit has five key differentiators:

  • focused - singularly focused on the emerging (and converging) research field covering the study of minds, customs and behaviours with respect to money;

  • specialist - for practitioners first and foremost with a cohesive theme and a firm emphasis on substance, not sizzle;

  • independent - independently developed and moderated intensive, jam-packed, one-day workshop-style program;

  • effective - complements our technical portfolio construction continuing education programs; and,

  • efficient - great value for money, a strong focus on implementation, very strong CE hours allocation.

Program overview

Finology Summit does not begin and end with the one-day program itself. Like all our continuing professional development programs, it is an integrated learning program with preparation, participation and review.

Before - Pre-reading

To maximise your learning, you will be provided with pre-reading aimed at boosting your knowledge and getting you thinking about the issues to be addressed at Finology Summit. The pre-reading is assumed prior knowledge for all delegates.

During - Critical Issues Forum & Due Diligence Forum

The one-day Finology Summit program is designed by our specialist, experienced and independent team, and features sessions led by our faculty of international and local experts from across the finology field.

Finology Summit is not just a talk-fest. Delegates are issued with an app through which they can record their thoughts, key takeouts and implementation implications, to put what they've heard into practice when building investor portfolios. Delegates vote on the high conviction ideas presented, to help determine which ideas they'll investigate further after Finology Summit and their key takeouts to put into practice when relating to investors.

After - Resources Kit

After Finology Summit, delegates' learning continues via an extensive online Resources Kit – an invaluable set of continuing education material including the presentations, videos, podcasts, and papers from the program. You can revisit the program, access support material referred to, and review the key takeouts and portfolio construction implications to determine actions to take to build better quality investor portfolios.


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