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As markets become narrow and expensive, core, growth and quality portfolios are converging. This presents risks for many portfolios but a great opportunity for valuation-focused investors.

Warryn Robertson | 0.50 CE

To achieve a satisfactory return from equities, you must identify high quality forecastable businesses, apply a strict valuation discipline and have the conviction to be different from the herd.

Warryn Robertson | 0.25 CE

Investors need to employ a rigorous and consistent valuation methodology, seek to minimise forecast error bounds and disregard traditional cap weighted benchmarks.

Warryn Robertson | 0.50 CE

Two assumptions are under challenge - that the past offers a reliable guide to the future in terms of asset class returns; and, that traditional relative risk/return approaches can still deliver the returns investors need.

There are two possible outcomes from the extreme debt levels in the global economy - high inflation or long-term below trend growth. The key dilemma is how to minimise this uncertainty and return dispersion.

Warryn Robertson | 0.75 CE

As markets have developed, there are increasing opportunities for global investment in infrastructure, via the listed markets. This session explores the opportunities for investors in global infrastructure in today's market...