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Debating the outlook for the markets


Established in 2009, Markets Summit is THE investment markets scene setter of the year. Presented in Sydney each February, the one-day program features 20 international and local geopolitical specialists, economists, market/asset class experts, and investment strategists debating their best ideas on issues related to the medium-term outlook for the global economy, key markets and asset classes - and the implications for portfolios. It is a companion program to the annual Conference held in Sydney each August.

Markets Summit will help you understand the key investment market and asset class opportunities (and risks) ahead, to aid your search for return and in building better quality investor portfolios.

Mark your diary! Markets Summit 2019 (19 Feb). Meanwhile, "attend" Markets Summit 2018 online!

Graham Rich, Managing Partner & Dean

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Who is it suited to?

Markets Summit is relevant to all wealth management professionals who have a responsibility to understand the drivers of and outlook for investment markets, one of the three pillars of portfolio construction.

Why is it different?

Like all Portfolio Construction Forum programs, Markets Summit has five key differentiators:

  • focused - singularly focused on the medium-term outlook for markets, and implications for portfolios;

  • specialist - for practitioners first and foremost with a cohesive theme and a firm emphasis on substance, not sizzle;

  • independent - independently developed and moderated intensive, jam-packed, one-day plenary (Critical Issues Forum) and elective (Asset Class Forum) program;

  • effective - a solid base for the year ahead including a post-event Resources Kit (companion to Conference, providing consistency of continuing professional development); and,

  • efficient - great value for money, a strong focus on implementation, very strong CE hours allocation.

Program overview

Markets Summit does not begin and end with the one-day program itself. Like all our continuing professional development programs, it is an integrated learning program with preparation, participation and review.

Before - Pre-reading

To maximise your learning, you will be provided with pre-reading aimed at boosting your knowledge and getting you thinking about the issues to be addressed at Markets Summit. The pre-reading is assumed prior knowledge for all delegates.

During - Critical Issues Forum & Due Diligence Forum

The one-day Markets Summit program is designed by our specialist, experienced and independent team, and features:

  1. Critical Issues Forum program - the 7.5-hour plenary style program is focused on our first pillar, Markets. It features leading investment thinkers from around the world, presenting their best ideas on the drivers of and outlook for the global economy, key markets and asset classes - and the implications for portfolios.

  2. Due Diligence Forum program - the 30-minute elective program is also focused on our first pillar, Markets. It offers delegates the choice of five concurrent electives, featuring 5 more investment experts from around the world, also presenting their best ideas on the drivers of and outlook for the global economy, key markets and asset classes - and the implications for portfolios. You attend one DDF session at Markets Summit and, afterwards, you can "attend" the rest via the online Resources Kit (and earn further CE hours).

Markets Summit is not just a talk-fest. Delegates are issued with an app through which they can record their thoughts, key takeouts and implementation implications, to put what they've heard into practice when building investor portfolios. Delegates vote on the high conviction ideas presented, to help determine which ideas they'll investigate further after Markets Summit, key takeouts for building portfolios.

After - Resources Kit

After Markets Summit, delegates' learning continues via an extensive online Resources Kit – an invaluable set of continuing education material including the presentations, videos, podcasts, and papers from the program.

You can revisit the program, access support material referred to, and review the key takeouts and portfolio construction implications to determine actions to take to build better quality investor portfolios. You can also “attend” the DDF sessions you weren’t able to attend at Markets Summit (and earn further CE hours).

Recent past programs

Markets Summit 2018 - Changing gears?

The world economy is firing on all cylinders, with the US, Europe, and China simultaneously experiencing sustained economic growth for the first time since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. And the markets – having thrived in an environment of ultra-loose monetary policy – continue to flirt with their all-time highs.

Yet declining unemployment has failed to reignite inflation, defying traditional economic models. History shows that the international monetary order undergoes a transformation every 40 years or so, and the apparent breakdown of traditional economic relationships lends weight to suggestions that the US dollar-based fiat money system is getting long in the tooth. The emergence of anti-establishment politicians across the western world further increases the likelihood that fundamental changes are afoot.

Have markets entered a period of “irrational exuberance”, and are they headed for a fall? Should investors prepare for a recalibration of asset prices? Or are the global economy and financial markets finally changing gears?

Attend Markets Summit 2018 online

Markets Summit 2017 - The winds of change
Strong winds of change are blowing - we appear to be entering a new age of populist and economic nationalism. Will this mean a future of trade protectionism, higher inflation and rising bond yields? Are we at an inflection point in monetary and fiscal policy? What does it all mean for the outlook for the markets? Simultaneously, people are questioning long-held beliefs about money, investing and retirement, as improved longevity, new technologies and social media change the way we live and how we relate to others.

Resources Kit

Markets Summit 2016 - Is it deja-vu (all over again)?
(What's really driving the outlook for markets?)
it feel like we've been here before? It was expected (again) that the Fed would raise rates at its last meeting. Only, this time, they did! The situation in the Middle East is (again) alarmingly tense. Currency wars are (again) rife. Bond market liquidity is (still) tight while high yield bonds are back at 2009 price levels. And many believe some asset markets are (again) in bubble territory. Yet, for commodities, it's like the 21st century never happened. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same! Does that mean that, going forward, markets and asset classes will behave as in the past? Is it different this time? Or is it deja-vu (all over again)?

Resources Kit

Markets Summit 2015 - Cyclical? Structural? Secular?
(What's really driving the outlook for markets?)
The US is winding down its QE program, but Japan and Europe are ramping up. Australia's golden era of prosperity is over. Oil prices have fallen over 35% in 12 months. Currency wars are well underway.
With divergence a global theme, this Markets Summit 2015 Resources Kit - featuring videos, podcasts, slides and papers for all the sessions - helps you understand the key cyclical, structural and secular issues that are really driving the outlook for markets - and the implications for portfolios.

Resources Kit

Markets Summit 2014 - The Great Escape
(What will markets be like in the QE run out?)
Unconventional monetary policy - QE, forward guidance, asset buying - has only been tried a handful of times over the last century, mostly in the past five years. How and when will it end? And what does that mean for the markets?  Markets Summit 2014 gives you a baker's dozen of expert, high conviction insights to consider applying when building portfolios.

Resources Kit

Markets Summit 2013 - Searching for return

Key risks - a listless US recovery, the EU sovereign debt crisis, sluggish global growth, and Middle East tensions - continued to dominate market sentiment. Yet some markets produced outstanding returns in 2012. Markets Summit 2013 helped delegates in Searching for Return - while recognising risk.

Resources Kit

Markets Summit 2012 - The king is dead... long live the king!

For decades, long-only equities was “king”, the dominant component of most long-term investors’ portfolios. But cash has assumed the throne as investors have flocked to its supposed safety. Cash is King - but is just it a pretender to the throne? How long cash would remain King? How would other asset classes fare against it?

Resources Kit


Markets Summit 2011 - Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble?

In late 2010, early 2011, concern about investment bubbles was at an unprecedented level. There was talk of a gold bubble, equities bubble, bond bubble, commodities bubble, emerging markets bubble, China bubble, another tech bubble, a social marketing bubble.

What was and what was not, a bubble? What did that mean for constructing portfolios?

Resources Kit


Markets Summit 2010 - Are we there yet?

Having passed through the global financial crisis fire of the prior year and survived largely in tact, it was time to confirm the lessons learned and revisit the road(s) to recovery.

Resources Kit


Markets Summit 2009 - The road(s) to recovery

Quality communication is key to managing and retaining clients in difficult times. But what exactly were we supposed to be communicating about investment markets during the global financial crisis?

Resources Kit


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