1. Goal risk tolerance matters too

    Risk tolerance is a key constraint in designing a portfolio, but it should also be considered a key constraint in establishing their goals for investing in the first place.

    Michael Kitces | 25-11-15 | 0.25 CE | More
  2. What’s going on in your brain?

    We examine four situations where individuals make poor choices and review the research to show where the brain makes those decisions. In each case, we present some ideas about how to overcome the potentially suboptimal choice when it comes to investing.

    Michael Mauboussin, Credit Suisse | 13-11-15 | 0.75 CE | More
  3. What is finology?

    According to Dr David Lazenby, finology provides a framework for re-envisioning advice from the customer experience perspective - because the traditional advice process can be extremely daunting for clients, and may leave them feeling quite vulnerable.

    riskinfo | 09-10-15 | More
  4. Investing around human capital

    Focusing on a client's investment portfolio alone ignores their greatest asset - their ability to continue earning income through the fruits of their labor, also known as their "human capital". Deciding how much risk to take with financial capital given a client's human capital risks is crucial.

    Michael Kitces | 24-09-15 | 0.25 CE | More
  5. The Great Debate - At the crossroads...

    Our eclectic Panel - a politician, a pastor, a professor, a portfolio manager, a practitioner, a provocateur, and a 'preneur, moderated by our Publisher - addresses Conference 2015 delegates' questions about key Crossroads, Dilemmas and Decisions.

    20-08-15 | 1.25 CE | More
  6. Will they still know you, when they're 64?

    Cognitive functioning declines as we age, affecting financial decision making. Practitioners need an increased awareness about issues relating to aging and cognitive decline.

    Joanne Earl | 20-08-15 | 0.50 CE | More
  7. Introducing financial planning 'finology'

    It's a paradox in financial planning that the so-called "hard" skills are actually the easiest to master, while the so-called "soft" skills are often the hardest.

    Simon Hoyle, Conexus Financial | 20-08-15 | More
  8. Attitude to money impacts advice delivery

    Changing client behaviour was an essential part of a financial planner's skills, yet that part of the job had not been approached with the same level of scientific rigour as a planner's technical skills.

    Wouter Klijn, Benchmark Media | 20-08-15 | More
  9. Weather markets with risk strategies

    While 36% of investors say they are ‘reviewing their need for downside protection’, only 8% are currently implementing it. Yet there are many strategies to manage risk in portfolios.

    Jonathan Shead, State Street Global Advisors | 20-08-15 | 0.75 CE | More
  10. Retirement planning is just a matter of time

    By understanding our own Time Perspective and learning to recognise different Time Perspectives in others, we can better understand and influence retirement planning behaviour.

    Joanne Earl | 19-08-15 | 0.75 CE | More
  11. A client's life is a mix of stocks & bonds - allocate around it

    It is time to properly account for risk characteristics of client’s most valuable asset - their human capital. This isn’t easy to implement and places practitioners in a difficult situation...

    Moshe Milevsky, York University | 19-08-15 | 1.50 CE | More
  12. Individual's three types of capital

    Individuals have three types of capital - financial capital (pretty obvious, everybody understands that) as well as human capital and social capital. All three affect our financial and retirement decisions.

    Moshe Milevsky, York University | 10-08-15 | More
  13. Dr David Lazenby

    Dr David Lazenby is Chief Finology Officer, PortfolioConstruction Forum. His brief is to oversee PortfolioConstruction Forum’s finology curriculum.

    02-06-15 | More
  14. Big raises and lifestyle creep

    The surprising result of a recent study is that the "conventional" view that earnings rise steadily (above inflation) throughout our careers is not accurate. Good spending habits established early on can make an astounding difference to wealth over a lifetime.

    Michael Kitces | 29-05-15 | 0.50 CE | More
  15. A matter of time

    Have you ever wondered about why some people plan for retirement and other people don’t? Whether people focus on the past, the present or the future - their Time Perspective - influences their retirement planning behaviour.

    Joanne Earl | 13-05-15 | 1.00 CE | More
  16. How should retirees manage risk?

    This paper offers a surprising amount of info and interesting ways of framing investment issues in retirement, and some good analysis of longevity risk.

    Angela Ashton, PortfolioConstruction Forum | 10-03-15 | 0.75 CE | 2 comments | More
  17. Science of spending - money can buy happiness

    New research suggests that the best things to do to improve our happiness may lie in NOT trying to maximise our wealth.

    Michael Kitces | 18-02-15 | More