In Fodder this week - Markets and Managers with Mohamed El-Erian, Woody Brock, Bob Huebscher, Michael Furey and Ashley O'Connor

In Fodder this week - Dom McCormick on illiquid assets, Michael Kitces on goal risk tolerance plus articles from Jon Shead, Dr Marcel Erni and Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

In Fodder this week - terrorism and rate rises with Oliver Hartwich, Marko Papic, Charles Gave, Tony Crescenzi and Robert Gay

In Fodder this week - Tim Farrelly, Anatole Kaletsky, Robert Huebscher and Oliver Hartwich. Plus a great Finology piece from Credit Suisse.

In Fodder this week - Michael Furey asks if asset allocation is still important today. Plus pieces on Russia and India.

In Fodder this week - earn CPD with 5 accredited presentations and white papers

In Fodder this week - Kitces, Edesess & Roe, plus earn CPD with 2 top rated presentations from Conference 2015

Fodder today offers two opposing perspectives on how best to build the debt side of retirees' portfolios with Farrely and Pfau plus Papic, Roubini and Jonathan Pain's top 10-rated presentation.

In Fodder this week - Dom McCormick, Ross Barry, Michael Furey & Don Ezra plus earn CPD on Michael Kitces' presentation from Conference 2015.

In Fodder this week - Anatole Kaletsky & Bob Gay on Fed rate fallout plus Papic on EM value trap & Kitces on human capital

This week's Fodder brings 3 short but powerful insights into the markets plus another "undiscovered fund" from Zenith.

In this week's Fodder - El-Erian & Kaletsky on oil plus 2 top rated presentations from Conference with Moshe Milevsky & Chris Watling

This week's Fodder picks up where last week's onstage PortfolioConstruction Forum Conference 2015 left off, by continuing to address our theme, "Crossroads - Dilemmas | Decisions".

In this week's Fodder, we bring you perspectives from some of our faculty for the upcoming PortfolioConstruction Forum Conference 2015.

This week's Fodder kicks off with 3 perspectives on China, before turning to the challenge of finding skill in active managers, plus a new "Undiscovered Fund".

In Fodder this week - GaveKal & Hartwich on the Eurozone plus Michael Kitces provides an improved version of the 4% rule.

This week's Fodder is a mixed bag covering markets, strategies and investing with Jack Gray, Tim Farrelly and GaveKal

In this week's Fodder Dom McCormick comments on the IOOF media frenzy plus GaveKal on Greece & 2 geopolitical pieces from Mohamed El-Erian & Bill O'Grady.

This week's Fodder features 15 CPD accredited videos, papers and perspectives. Absorb them, sit the quiz and earn CPD.

New this week - Jonathan Pain argues reflation is underway & Dom McCormick says "No property bubble" case lacks substance, plus more from GaveKal, Keith Goddard and BCA Research.

This week's Fodder features contrasting views on smart beta with Michael Furey, Michael Edesess and Neuberger Berman

New this week - Jonathan Pain talks secular reflation while Bob Gay says there's little chance the ECB's QE will work

New this week - Roubini on currency wars & McCormick on the debt unwind. Plus, earn CPD with articles from Dr Joanne Earl, John Hock & Scott Weiner

New this week - Bill Gross on the end of the secular bull market, plus the latest "undiscovered fund" from Zenith.

This week's Fodder has an equities theme with Woody Brock, Cliff Asness, Michael Kitces, GaveKal and JP Morgan

In Fodder this week - Jack Gray on unknown unknowns plus low interest rates with Tim Farrelly, Bob Gay and Rob Mead

Fodder is back this week with Dom McCormick and Oliver Hartwich, plus 3 pieces on active management

New in Fodder this week - Oliver Hartwich & Charles Dallara on Greece, plus GaveKal, Bob Gay & JP Morgan

We start this week's Fodder with 2 views on consensus with Tim Farrelly & Anatole Kaletsky, plus articles from Mohamed El-Erian, Tim Griffen & Scott Weiner's top rated Markets Summit presentation.

New this week - Dom McCormick, Ken Rogoff plus more from Markets Summit 2015 with Ron Temple's top rated presentation

New this week - Louis Gave & Bob Baur plus the "Delegates Pick Award" from Markets Summit - Bruce Campbell & Greg Bright's summary of takeouts

New this week - Pippa Malmgren's keynote from Markets Summit plus Woody Brock & Chris Watling

New this week - Our new backgrounder and Markets Summit key takeouts plus Dom McCormick on currency and Jonathan Pain's outlook for 2015

New this week - BCA on geopolitics and investing (1.25cpd), Edessess on benchmarking, Priest on share buy backs, Gay on wage inflation, Griffen on Japan

New this week - Michael Kitces on risk transfer vs risk retention, Bob Gay on falling oil prices, Gavekal on Australia, John Mauldin on the Swiss franc