In our final Fodder for 2016 Tim Farrelly explains why hybrids are not equities, Hamish Douglass offers his take on our Summit 2017 theme and then listen to Prof Niall Ferguson recap the events of 2016 and the implications for markets. India Avenue's Mugunthan Siva argues investors need to relook at why they have equities in portfolios and SSGA's Thomas Poullaouec explains why diversification is a "free drink". Finally, we end with a celebration of the life and times of the Forum's Security and Compliance Manager (aka office sausage), Schnitzel von Krumm.

Hard on the heels of last week's focus on values and investing - including the role of whistleblowers and the media - this week, Dom McCormick writes about the "real" IOOF "scandal", Dr Woody Brock dispels three myths and half-truths about the behavior of bond prices, The Forum's Will Jackson summarises geopolitical forecaster George Friedman's keynote address at the recent ASFA Conference, Michael Kitces's report on why retirees' may not need to save as much, and The Carlyle Group's Jason Thomas warns of the consequences to portfolios of central banks' "Mae West approach" to monetary policy.

This week's Fodder includes a new Resources Kit on the topic of values and investing, Dom McCormick on the post-Trump market rally, Harvard Professor Carmen Reinhart explains why investors are already voting with their feet in advance of the upcoming popular referendum in Italy, and Stephen Hayes outlines what investors should do in the face of overinflated real asset valuations.

Hundreds of thousands of words have been written about the "shock" of being Trumped. Now is an ideal time to challenge one of your portfolio construction beliefs - does geopolitics matter as a driver of the long-term outlook for markets (in a recent survey, 75% of our Members agreed it does). Or, do you believe it's in the "too hard" box?

Chris Watling leads Fodder this week, arguing that Brexit may become another "1453 year" for the UK. Harvard's Professor Ken Rogoff writes about the two "best" ideas for dealing with the zero bound on interest rates. Marko Papic explains that populism in the laissez faire economies (US, UK) has far greater implications for investment strategies than in other regions. Michael Kitces shows why Active Share is so useful in assessing whether a manager's investment fee is reasonable. Finally, we feature Sam Mann's highly rated presentation from Conference 2016 in which he debunks some common misconceptions about liquid alternatives.

Mohamed El-Erian kicks off this week's Fodder, followed by Dr Woody Brock's latest paper explaining why monetary policy alone was never going to cut it and Joe Tomlinson shows how moving to a variable retirement withdrawal strategy beats traditional fixed strategies. We also feature Dori Levanoni's top 10-rated presentation from Conference on why portfolios need an active currency policy, and lastly, Jamieson Coote Bonds challenges us to ask whether our defensive allocations are true-to-label.

This week in Fodder Tim Farrelly, Dr Oliver Hartwich, Mugunthan Siva, Alva Devoy from Fidelity's top-10 rated Conference presentation on Demographics and Epoch Investment Partner's Bill Priest explains the three key ingredients to his long, successful, active management record.

In Fodder this week, Hamish Douglass's 6-minute video Insight on why it's our duty to encourage investors to focus on the long-term. Chris Watling looks at whether the US is heading for recession, Michael Kitces explains how a "bond tent" can help manage sequencing risk, and watch Professor Ron Bird's top-10 rated Conference presentation. Finally, Lazard asks whether portfolios have enough global small cap equities.

This week, Fodder features Professor Jack Gray's top-10 rated Conference presentation, Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Roach on monetary policy, Stephen Kotkin on geopolitcs, and Pfau & Blanchett on the limits of Monte Carlo simulation.

This week, Fodder features the five top rated presentations from PortfolioConstruction Forum Conference 2016, each arguing a high conviction thesis around the theme, "The long and short of it (Is the concept of long-term investing increasingly irrelevant?)"

In Fodder this week Tim Farrelly, Michael Edesess, Tribeca Investment Partners and PIMCO's Doug Hodge challenge some common portfolio construction beliefs.

In Fodder this week - Bob Gay, Michael Kitces, J. Bradford DeLong, Michael Furey, and our pick of the Faculty papers from Conference 2016.

This week, Fodder kicks off with our new Backgrounder exploring key concepts & issues in relation to managing the fundamental friction between long-term and short-term investing imperatives.

In Fodder this week - Two faces of globalisation, great investors, and 400 years of investing.

In Fodder this week - Tim Farrelly, Michael Kitces, Nouriel Roubini, Bill O'Grady, and Invesco Perpetual.

In Fodder this week - Globalisation and populism, Populism, Brexit and Trump, Trump and investment

In Fodder this week - A hard Brexit, more on withdrawal rates, and Magellan turns 10!

Alphabet soup, retirement income strategy, long-term returns. Fodder is back to being a mixed bag this week with Tim Farrelly, Woody Brock, Michael Kitces, and Bevan Graham.

In Fodder this week - Brexit (of course!) with articles from Oliver Hartiwch, Marko Papic, Niall Ferguson, and Christopher Granville. Plus registration is now open for Conference 2016.

In Fodder this week - Portfolio rebalancing, bear markets, the X factor, Namibia & inflation with articles from Michael Kitces, Bob Veres, Charlie Lanchester, Joseph Stiglitz, and Christian Hawkesby.

This week's Fodder is a real mixed bag - portfolios, Africa, retirement spending, and risk profiling.

This week we bring you Dr Keith Suter's top-rated presentation on geo-politics and investing. Plus Marko Papic, Dr Robert Gay, Michael Furey, and Dan Farley.

This week's Fodder is a special feature focused on the presentation given by internationally renowned economic and financial historian, Professor Niall Ferguson, at our recent PortfolioConstruction Forum Symposium 2016 program.

In Fodder this week - Niall Ferguson, Dominic McCormick, Olivia Engel, James Lear, and Alex Wolf's Markets Summit presentation.

Fodder leads with Professor Niall Ferguson, reflecting on the lessons history provides for those supporting "Brexit". Plus more from Marko Papic, Wade Pfau, Bob Gay, & Rob Mead.

In Fodder this week - NIRP - is it the death knell for retirement? With Tim Farrelly, Woody Brock, John Mauldin, Joanne Earl, and Joanne Warner

Diversification, stats and unconventional monetary policy, with articles from Michael Kitces, Michael Mauboussin, Oliver Hartwich & Nouriel Roubini. Plus Bob Gay's presentation from Markets Summit 2016.

In Fodder this week - Michael Furey, Robert Gay, Anatole Kaletsky, Oliver Hartwich, & Mugunthan Siva. Get invloved in the conversation & have your say!

This week, we start with two seemingly diametrically opposed views on the impact of sequencing risk and how to manage it, from Tim Farrelly and Michael Kitces. Plus Chris Watling, Oliver Hartwitch & Moshe Milevsky.

In Fodder this week - Dom McCormick's view of annual investment outlooks, and the top 3 rated Markets Summit 21016 presentations, featuring Chris Watling, Hamish Douglass and Ron Temple

In Fodder this week - Chris Watling's key takeouts from Markets Summit 2016, plus Micahel Furey, Jonathan Pain, Anatole Kaletsky & Jacob Mitchell.

In Fodder this week - Nouriel Roubini, Woody Brock, Bob Gay, Dom McCormick, Louis-Vincent Gave, and Oliver Hartwich. Plus an announcement about our strategic partnership with IMCA.

In Fodder - Markets off to an ''interesting'' start with articles from Gave and Papic, plus Farrelly and Kitces.