1. 2008 Critical Issues Forum: I've been thinking about... my key takeouts 2008

    The 7th annual Portfolio Construction Forum took place in what for many professionals would be considered the eye of a financial hurricane. The news over the prior 12 months had been awful in virtually every domestic financial sector, and the world was fighting through a global credit crisis that had replaced the days of easy money and leverage with a liquidity crisis and flight to quality that threatened international returns for the next half-decade. Delegates arrived with a single mission: to deconstruct the root causes of the domestic and global meltdown, and figure out how to help their clients ride out the storm...

    Bob Veres, Inside Information | 20-09-08 | More
  2. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Sitting on top of the mountain

    This presentation and underlying research paper bring together 70 years of equity market and commodity price data to help quantify the relationship, measure the extent of the risk and, in doing so, draw some inferences about how to structure a resources portfolio to take account of the market's cyclical position...

    John Robertson | 28-08-08 | More
  3. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Inflation, inflation, inflation - are REITs the answer?

    This presentation and underlying research paper examine whether there is a significant relationship between inflation and the return characteristics of an investment in commercial real estate, with an objective of clarifying whether real estate acts as an inflation hedge...

    Steve Burton | 28-08-08 | More
  4. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: If cash is king, who will see the emperor's new clothes?

    The presentation and underlying research paper answer the questions facing advisers now: What are the risks of cash and fixed income investing? Where are the opportunities in the new world of fixed income investing? How do I explain these to my clients?

    Peter Walsh | 28-08-08 | More
  5. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Commodities? Absolutely! Intelligent exposure? You bet!

    This presentation and underlying research paper examine why diversification remains a key reason for including commodity assets in a portfolio, and argues that a long-short strategy that provides commodity exposure allows investors to take advantage of volatility and provides a positive absolute return for a portfolio...

    Justin Hyde | 28-08-08 | More
  6. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Emerging market equities – an Australian perspective

    This presentation and underlying research paper examine the case for investing in emerging market equities from the perspective of an Australian investor, arguing that emerging markets should be viewed as a relatively risky equity sub-class that justifies its position in portfolios as a source of additional returns, rather than as a diversification opportunity...

    Geoff Warren & Andrew Lill | 28-08-08 | More
  7. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Is infrastructure the ultimate inflation-proof asset class?

    This presentation and underlying research paper illustrate that the infrastructure asset class provides a safe haven in inflationary periods...

    Dennis Eagar | 28-08-08 | More
  8. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: The markets are telling you something… are you listening?”

    This presentation and underlying research paper explore relative price strength screens that can be used to identify trends and determine the right time to invest, and demonstrate the significant value that has been added over time by "listening to the market" in this way...

    David Schaen | 28-08-08 | More
  9. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: The agricultural boom – a real opportunity to benefit your portfolio

    This presentation and underlying research paper presents analysis suggesting we have entered a fourth wave of inflation and strong commodity price growth that may continue for the next 10 to 12 years and therefore investments in agriculture are becoming increasingly attractive...

    David Bryant | 28-08-08 | More
  10. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Australian real estate in investment portfolios - risk or reward?

    This presentation and underlying research paper address which real estate asset classes will perform best over the next five to seven years and why...

    Dr David Rees | 28-08-08 | More
  11. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Risk, uncertainty and the credit crisis – could we have known better?

    This presentation and underlying research paper ask whether we should have seen the 2007/2008 credit crisis coming, and recommends a return to the evaluation of fixed interest investments on their own individual merits rather than purely as a mathematical optimisation exercise...

    Claire Harding | 27-08-08 | More
  12. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Defensive asset allocation in an inflationary environment

    This presentation and underlying research paper examine whether we can continue to blindly rely on central banks to win the fight against inflation for us, or is it time that we looked at defensive asset allocation as a way to inflation proof our portfolios?

    Douglas Hodge | 27-08-08 | More
  13. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Water, alternative energy and climate change – environmental investment strategies

    Awareness is at an all-time high for investors and managers with regard to eco investment themes. This presentation and underlying research paper aim to highlight how investors might access these themes and how they would fit into an overall investment portfolio...

    Jens Peers | 27-08-08 | More
  14. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Structural changes reshaping global agribusiness markets

    This presentation and underlying research paper assess the investment opportunity in global agribusiness...

    Bill Barbour | 27-08-08 | More
  15. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: How to give the market the Freudian slip

    This presentation and underlying research paper highlight that the volatility of markets suggests that, at least in the short term, markets are just a conglomeration of human herd instincts. They ask "how do we build a process and philosophy to help us beat the market?". We refer to Freud and Darwin...

    James Fairweather | 27-08-08 | More
  16. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Measuring credit portfolio risk

    As investors, we can manage and limit expected losses, but it takes expertise to limit the impact of an extreme event. In credit portfolios, this extreme event is called tail risk. This session and underlying research paper examine the risks within credit portfolios and how to manage them...

    Sarah Percy-Dove | 27-08-08 | More
  17. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Why emerging markets are critical to global equity investing

    This presentation and underlying research paper argue that a well constructed global equity portfolio requires the flexibility to invest in frontier and emerging markets the future of global growth...

    Scott Berg | 27-08-08 | More
  18. 2008 Due Diligence Forum: Fund of hedge funds – do they really add value?

    This presentation and underlying research paper analyses the time-varying nature of correlations between fund-of-funds and traditional asset classes with a specific focus on analysing performance during crisis periods...

    Adrian Gmuer | 27-08-08 | More
  19. Business B4 9 - Difficult times, tough questions, brave answers

    06-08-08 | More
  20. Making sense of risk profiling

    Risk profiling is generally agreed to be an important part of the financial planning process – and, yet, it is something that generates large measures of skepticism, controversy and, from time to time, attention from the regulators. Ensuring a portfolio is within the bounds of both a client's risk tolerance and risk capacity is critical - just getting one right is not good enough...

    Tim Farrelly | 22-07-08 | More